Pruning of the peach tree

When to prune the peach tree

As for any fruit plant, also for the peach tree it is necessary to respect the times for its pruning. For the first four years of the life of the peach tree, two annual prunings must be carried out: the first must be carried out in the summer months and is called training pruning; the second, on the other hand, must be carried out during the winter months (when our tree is in vegetative rest), more specifically it must be carried out in February-March based on the climatic conditions. In case of cold temperatures in February or March, the operation can be postponed to the end of March beginning of April (even when flowering has begun). This pruning is called production pruning. When our tree has exceeded 4 years of life, we can limit ourselves to carrying out only one pruning per year necessary to strengthen the plant and for the

How to prune the peach tree

The pruning of the peach tree serves to give the tree a right shape with strong branches and with the right space between them in order to be easily accessible. To carry out the pruning of the peach tree there are two methods: A palmette and a stem. Palmette method: this type of pruning is carried out to facilitate the harvesting of the fruit. It consists in leaving the first branch of the peach tree about 50 centimeters from the ground and the distance between the branches will be at least one meter. The more you go up with the branches, the more the length of these gets shorter. Specifically, it is necessary to intervene (during the vegetative period) in the plant during the first year of life, leaving the stem to top about 50 centimeters from the ground. With the arrival of summer, choose the three best branches based on texture, habit, arrangement and remove the remaining branches. Trunk method: this type of pruning, on the other hand, is used when the space between the trees is minimal. The branch closest to the ground must be about 50 centimeters from it. In the vegetative phase, the most consistent branches will be kept and the rest cut.

Other types of peach tree pruning

There are other types of peach pruning that do not require cuts but consist in removing flowers and leaves. These types of pruning are topping, scacchiatura and annular decortication. Topping: it is a green pruning and to perform it you need to cut the final knots of the branch of our fruit tree. This technique is used in the tree so as not to make the plant grow too tall and to make the foliage more united. Scacchiatura: in this case some shoots must be removed to obtain better results on those that remain. This method is recommended in case our plant has difficulty growing. The shoots to be eliminated are those facing downwards or upwards. Annular decortication: this method is used on the

Peach tree pruning: Tools to be used for peach tree pruning

The interventions to be done during the pruning of the peach tree are different. From small ones (such as the removal of leaves or small branches) to large ones (such as the removal of large diameter branches). To do this it will be necessary to use different tools including scissors, shears, hacksaw and pruner. Scissors: These are normal scissors with thin blades and will be needed to remove those branches that are small and young. The shear: it is very similar to the scissors but the blades are stronger and more powerful. It will be used for removing thicker branches. The hacksaw: the hacksaw will be used for those branches that cannot be removed with the shears and which are therefore too thick. The pruner: we will use this tool to prune the highest branches of the peach tree, which are difficult to reach.

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