Pruning shears

Joys and sorrows of the garden

The home garden is an almost magical place for everyone who owns it or has had the previous fortune of having at least lived it; in fact it is capable of instilling serenity and peace at any time of the day (and of the year) and in any state we are, where by state we clearly mean the mental state. This happens for various reasons, among which we find that of having recreated a piece of nature of our exclusive property, or where no one will be able to intervene with closing times or with other nuisances typical of public gardens, with the added pleasure of having it is located at “zero distance” from one’s home, thus eliminating traffic, the frantic search for parking and also the costs of fuel which are constantly growing. The other reason is the fact that the garden puts us in true contact with nature, dusting off a relationship almost buried in our genes, a relationship that still binds us to nature, and that certainly exists because we can realize how well we are when we immerse ourselves in it even just for a walk. It is clear that on the counterpart of all these “joys” of the garden we will also find its “pains”, essentially represented by a necessary constant care and maintenance, which however often becomes a pleasant daily appointment and an interesting hobby.

Garden maintenance

Garden maintenance is an operation almost due to that space near our home that contributes so much to our mental serenity (even if the best effect is on mental health, because it helps to avoid nervous breakdowns). For those who think a garden will stand up on its own, maintenance will seem terribly heavy; however, it is enough to think a little about it and understand that nature, to remain as we have designed it, needs a daily touch-up. And maintenance in the garden is just that, a few minutes’ activity, just to collect a few fallen leaves, prune two dead branches or almost, add a little water if the weather is dry and maybe pick some fruit. or some flowers, for the material satisfaction of the job.

Pruning shears

One of the most common operations to be carried out in the garden is certainly pruning; almost every plant needs to be pruned, although depending on the species, the times and ways in which this must be done vary. Well, a tool that can be very useful for this cause are the specific pruning shears: they are a tool consisting of blades and handles with which the cutting of even quite large branches becomes simple and also quite safe. In fact, when it comes to pruning the basil plant, there are no dangers or problems: it occasionally shows a shriveled leaf and must be removed simply by removing it with two fingers. It is clearly all a bit more complicated when it comes to pruning a fruit tree, as one belonging to the citrus family, which is so common in our gardens. In this case, whole branches must be cut, sometimes even a few years old and therefore particularly robust, and therefore a pruning shears would really be the case, also being much safer than the tools previously used for these operations, such as the ax or saw.

Choice and use of shears

Obviously, when the word “shear” is used in relation to gardening, a specific tool is identified but not a single model; today’s market offers solutions for almost every need, so you cannot expect to NOT have to choose the shear that is right for you, on the contrary: on the market there are shears that differ from each other for the price, for the cutting quality of the blade, for the strength of the blade and the structure, for the materials with which they are built and also for the ergonomics of use. First of all you need to know which plants you are going to cut with this tool you are about to buy, obviously choosing it in relation to the most difficult plant to cut, in order to be sure that it will also make it with all the others. It is clear that this leads to higher price ranges,

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