Pruning shears


Gardening is a very popular hobby in our society; there have been years, decades to tell the truth, in which man has decisively moved away from the countryside and from all the work related to it, and it was a very painful process because it took place quickly and «badly», or with that firm decision to abandon the campaign because it offered neither earnings nor future possibilities while requiring a lot of work. After a few years, however, man has begun to feel the call of nature, which is not a small voice like consciousness, but is a natural intuition when we observe that if we come into contact with nature, our mood immediately changes, improving and so does ours. body feels better. We do not know if our genes retain the memory of millennia spent working the land, however we know that this is how we feel in contact with nature; this is exactly the reason why more and more people choose the hobby of gardening: to feel close to nature, to perform small miracles with it for our plants and flowers, to feel that inner satisfaction in admiring a job well done in the garden, to relax in a piece of nature just for us.

Techniques and technologies

To work in the garden and perform satisfying gardening, as happens in any hobby or activity, you need to equip yourself in the right way both for equipment and for knowledge. Knowing how to garden is a path to start at your own level but to continue a little at a time, accumulating advice from friends or reading books, or by consulting websites such as ours where we try to offer you a complete overview of every type of problem and curiosity even remotely attributable to the world of the garden and gardening. The necessary tools, on the other hand, are simple, because they are those tools such as the spade, the hoe and the shovel that have always accompanied man in his work with the earth and that today are still very valid and indispensable, albeit assisted by some modern mechanical tools that have provided both to greatly facilitate the maintenance work of private gardens and, on a larger scale, to make the agricultural industry reach that level of business productivity necessary so that the capital does not all veer towards other companies. In this regard, gardening courses set up by public and private schools are increasingly common, useful for learning things and curiosities, tricks and direct experiences on gardening.

Pruning shears

One of the operations to be carried out in the garden that has the easiest and simplest aspect but which in reality requires very specific knowledge to be performed in the best way is pruning: this operation consists in eliminating by cutting the oldest branches and the now lost leaves of trees and plants in general, to give the plant greater strength in still productive and younger areas. Well, even for this thing you need the right tool, a tool that corresponds to the name of pruning shears: they are scissors whose dimensions, handle and cutting capacity are designed exactly for pruning, and are not negligible things. For example, do you know that pruning, although important, can cause diseases in the pruned plant? Not using the right tool and in the correct way this is very likely, and from a positive action we pass to negative implications for the plant. Not only that, using tools not suitable for pruning could also incur various risks for our health: resistance not suitable for pruning, handles not designed for so much strength in certain directions and many other details can cause the object to get out of hand. or it breaks and sometimes fatally wounds those who handle it.

Characteristics of scissors

So what are the characteristics that a pair of pruning shears must have? Well, first of all the resistance of the scissor material must be suitable for what you are going to face; the same thing must be true for the handle, which must be large enough, comfortable and safe to hold to prevent it from escaping in all cases, both for classic use and for that in particular conditions such as wet or otherwise. However, it should be noted that modern industry supplies products suitable for every case, therefore there are pruning shears for green apartment plants that are even less qualitative than classic scissors, while other scissors designed for branches and small but resistant trunks that have a strong grip and really sharp blades. With regard to diseases and their transmission through pruning, we would like to specify that it does not fundamentally depend on the type of scissors, but on our action: before each pruning, the blade must be sanitized, because it penetrates inside the plant. and if it is contaminated it will contaminate it right inside; from this point of view, never trust self-sanitizing scissors, better provide with water and alcohol.

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