Pruning tall trees

Tall trees

In nature there are plants and trees of all kinds, each of them has particular characteristics that differentiate it from the others. In this article we focus on tall trees, or trees such as broad-leaved trees, conifers and many others used for decorative and ornamental purposes. Growth, or rather, development occurs in a harmonious way. In fact, with the passage of time, these trees reach considerable dimensions (both in length and width) and develop thick and rounded crowns. Generally, tall trees are grown in large parks, in public places, in our home gardens or grow spontaneously in forests and woods. For the trees that grow spontaneously in the forests there is nothing to say, they use the nutrients of the soil, rainwater and do not need any care. On the contrary, those we cultivate need care and attention to develop at their best.


One of the care trees must receive is pruning. More than anything else, pruning is not a need for trees but a human need. These trees reach considerable size and therefore, the crown must be thinned. Without pruning and therefore thinning, the trees would survive anyway but it can be pruned for aesthetic and urban planning needs. Pruning allows you to have full control over the shape of the crown and the health of the plant. In fact, in addition to giving shape to the crown, dry branches, yellowed leaves and diseased and damaged parts of the plant are also eliminated. Generally, pruning is carried out when the plant is in a state of vegetative rest, or in the autumn or late winter, so as not to affect its development during spring and summer.

Pruning tall trees: How to proceed

Pruning interventions can be performed on both younger and more mature trees. The intervention must be light and targeted on the parts of the plant that need to be removed. Those we are talking about are very tall trees and therefore in order to prune them we should use special ladders. These interventions, however, can be very dangerous and in fact, the most experienced pruners use a technique called “Tree climbing” which means “climbing on the tree”. The technique is to climb the tree with the help of two ropes that start from the ground and reach the top of the tree. The pruner will be tied to the ropes with a harness attached to the anchors on the ground and on the tree. This technique allows pruning of tall trees where the cranes cannot reach.

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