Pruning the pergola vine

When to prune the pergola vine

The pruning of the pergola vine is essential to guarantee a correct growth of the plants, to allow them to properly exploit the available surface, and to guarantee correct and constant fruiting. Pruning methods vary according to the age of the plants. In fact, in the first three years of life, so that the desired shape or pergola growth is given to the plant, the so-called breeding pruning is carried out to allow a better development of the shoots and the consequent strengthening. During the very first years of breeding it is important to take care above all of the formation of the shoot intended for the trunk and the correct growth of the branches on the supports provided. From the third year onwards, however, when the plant begins to produce fruit, it is important to carry out the so-called production pruning which will determine the correct fruiting of the plants. In any case, regardless of the age of the vine, in areas not subject to frost it is advisable to prune immediately after the leaves have fallen.

Simple pergola vine pruning

The vine training system defined as a simple pergola allows, through a correct pruning of the vinepergola, to bring the vegetation to a specific side of the productive part. This pergola system appears to be among the most common and consists of a roof slightly inclined upwards of 20-30 ° with respect to the vertical bearing pole. In the simple pergola the reserve shoots are pruned to two buds while the shoots present on the upper part of the pergola are completely eliminated. This pergola system is widely used in the hilly areas, especially in the northern regions. In fact, the correct pruning of the simple pergola allows the plants to make the most of the light present and in fact this system is widely used in areas where the high slopes do not allow abundant sun exposure.

Pruning of the vine in the Trentino pergola

The cultivation system of the Trentino pergola vine is typical of Trentino Alto-Adige. This cultivation system takes shape when a targeted and accurate pruning called long pruning is applied. In this case, in fact, about forty medium-length buds are kept, usually in fact from 1 to 4 shoots with 10-15 buds each are left, and pruning is carried out in such a way as to allow the growth of plants on a sloping roof. 20-30 ° upwards. The pruning of the Trentino pergola foresees an addressing of the branches and buds in such a way as to guarantee a closed or open structure depending on whether all or only part of the space between the rows is covered.

The pruning of the vineyard is essential to ensure vigorous growth to all the plants that compose it. Many times this operation is carried out with rather rustic and tiring methods, it is done by hand with effort and sweat. Fortunately, nowadays there are automated, mechanical systems with an optimal quality-price ratio that allow the pruning of the pergola vine. These machines are vineyard trimmers, designed precisely to optimize the delicate pruning work that is otherwise very tiring and expensive. These are iron structures consisting of blades for vertical and horizontal cutting. The alternating movement of these blades allows you to prune the plants, without tearing or damaging the shoots.

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