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Pruning and equipment

Pruning is a fundamental intervention for plants that is performed for very specific purposes. Carried out in particular periods of the year, pruning serves to improve the health of the plant, its productivity and its aesthetic appearance, giving shape to the foliage. To carry out a good pruning operation, one must be aware of the specific and adequate technique and tools. There are various tools: some of them are manual, others are electric, still others are equipped with internal combustion engines and finally there are also those equipped with pneumatic systems. Each tool is suitable for a type of intervention and the choice also varies according to the size of the plants to be pruned. Among the various types of tools, scissors are the most used and there are three types of scissors: manual ones,


Among the most used manual scissors we have the hedge shears, the branch shears and the pruning shears. The hedge shears are equipped with long blades and long handles so that even taller hedges (up to 60 centimeters in height) can be cut. The branch clippers are particular and are used to cut the largest branches. They have very long handles but rather short blades, in this way you avoid making excessive efforts. The pruning shears have a particular handle, they are dated with two rings in which to insert the thumb and the middle finger in such a way as to make greater force for the cuts. The pneumatic scissors, on the other hand, are those with an advanced technique and in fact are used for professional use. They must be connected to a portable compressor because they are equipped with a pressurized air system. They are ideal scissors for cutting branches that are not too large.

Pruning tools: Other tools

Other tools used for pruning are hacksaws, pruners and chainsaws. Hacksaws are used in special cases when the branches are too thick to be cut with scissors. There are two types of saws: those with a fixed blade and those with a folding blade. The pruner is a tool used to cut parts of the plant too high. Thanks to a system of levers and pulleys, the pruner does not need to make great efforts. Finally we have the chainsaw which is a tool used to cut large branches or for topping of trees. It can work with internal combustion engine, current or battery and is used for professional purposes. Finally we have the electric scissors which are the evolution of the manual ones, they are connected to a battery that transmits energy for operation.

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