Purifying herbal teas


Do you suffer from acne, abdominal swelling, paleness and fatigue? If the answer is yes, your body may have accumulated toxic substances over time that must be properly eliminated. When incorrect eating and living habits cause waste substances to accumulate in the body, then we speak of toxins. Toxins are substances that shouldn’t be present in our body. These toxins are formed due to over-processed foods, but also from taking medications or cigarette smoking. Even the polluted air we breathe helps to let toxins penetrate our body. Generally the pollution toxins are represented by heavy metals, while a diet too rich in fats and sugars could burden the liver. Excess of meat for example, causes an increase in the acidity of our body. Other toxins can build up due to constipation or water retention. The accumulation of toxins is almost always signaled by symptoms such as acne, swelling, headache and dull complexion. There are also bacterial toxins, but in this case it borders on medical pathology. Environmental and food toxins can, on the other hand, be disposed of by taking a well-known herbal remedy: herbal tea.


The purifying herbal tea is composed of an infusion of herbs with recognized purifying properties. The herbs are added to a saucepan of boiling water and left to infuse for about ten to fifteen minutes. After this time, the infusion is filtered and placed in a cup to drink in sips. The intake of purifying herbal teas is a healthy and pleasant habit to follow at particular times of the year or when particular physical conditions occur that signal the accumulation of toxins. Usually, you notice that you have dull skin and pimples, in the change of seasons. The transition from winter to spring, for example, is one of those that requires the intake of purifying herbal teas useful to dispose of the toxins accumulated with nutrition and the sedentary life of the cold season.

How to choose

On the market there are many filters containing herbs suitable for the preparation of purifying herbal teas. In the choice of herbs it will be necessary to pay attention to the objectives to be achieved and to the annoyances that the accumulation of toxins has caused our body. If you notice pimples on your face, it could be liver or bowel problems. Dull skin could be a clear sign of nicotine buildup. Constipation could also cause headaches and abdominal bloating, a diet too rich in salt could be responsible for water retention. Each purifying herbal tea must therefore contain mixtures of herbs aimed at the problem you want to solve. In herbal medicine you can therefore find purifying herbal teas for the liver, for constipation,

Herbs for purifying herbal teas

The herbs with a purifying effect on our body and with beneficial properties for the ailments that we have mentioned in the previous paragraph are: green tea leaves, the aerial part of the horsetail, the rhizome of turmeric, the root and the extract of dandelion, the fruit of the milk thistle, the fruit of the elderberry and the leaves of nettle. Each of these herbs or parts of them, combined with each other, can act on specific physical conditions caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body. For example, dandelion and turmeric herbal tea reduces intestinal fermentation and stomach bloating. In the purification process, the synergy of the various herbs counts a lot, which combined with each other can determine different beneficial effects, always with a purifying background. Artichoke, rosemary, dandelion and milk thistle have beneficial effects on the liver. Burdock is useful for purifying herbal teas that fight acne and oily skin. Nettle stimulates digestion and also has anti-fatigue effects, chicory stimulates intestinal motility, the same effects also for gentian. All these herbs, alone or in combination with each other, are used by herbalists to prepare purifying herbal teas.

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