Purple flower

The flower of the viola

The violet flower has historically always been appreciated because it is small but very delicate and very fragrant. The oriental populations, for example, used to use the petals of this flower to insert in hot drinks to make the taste more pleasant. But in the history of art the viola has always been celebrated as a delicate flower in need of care and for this symbol of modesty and humility.It can be given indiscriminately to men or women as long as it is made aware that in common language the pansy it is a request for attention, a way to tell the other person ‘think of me because I think of you’. But this flower is also a symbol of kindness and extreme sincerity, the perfect floral tribute if you are convinced that you have met the partner of your life.

As for the meaning, the violet flower takes on a different one – as happens to many other flowers – based on the culture that interprets and uses it. If in Western culture, the violet is the flower of lovers, the one that is given to someone to whom one wants to show all one’s devotion, in the East it is a little used floral tribute and for this reason it is not linked to a precise meaning. In the West, the pansy flower should be given sparingly precisely because it has a very strong meaning: only to the loved one and only if one’s feelings are sincere, pure and extremely determined. But it is also, in a certain sense, the flower of weddings because sugared almonds and small wedding buffet sweets are made with its petals.

Viola flower symbolism

The symbolism of the violet flower is to be found in the Roman legends that narrate its birth, according to our ancestors linked to the goddess Demeter. For this reason, the small and fragrant violet flower indicates an indissoluble bond with the person we intend to give it to. It is the flower of humility: whoever gives it does not expect anything from whoever receives it but only wants to testify to his eternal devotion which is summarized in the request for thought. Giving a viola as a gift means announcing to the other person that you are thinking about her and that in return you want nothing more than to be reciprocated in this thought. For this reason, the thought violet is given preference on wedding anniversaries, as a symbol of the perpetual remembrance of the first day of love of lasting bonds.

Viola flower: The legend of the viola flower

There are many legends that have been told about the flower of the pansy. The ancient Romans, for example, told that Demeter, the goddess of crops, was desperate for the kidnapping of her daughter Persephone by the god of the underworld Hades. For this reason he had made the earth completely barren as a sign of contempt. However, Hades was later persuaded by Zeus to send the beautiful Persephone back to her mother in the spring and autumn. Happy with this decision, Demeter had welcomed her daughter with small purple flowers that were precisely pansies. There is another legend, then, this time of French origin according to which inside the petals of the violet it is possible to see the face of the person you love and who loves us.

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