Raspberry cultivation

What is raspberry

The raspberry is a shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family. Native to Asia Minor, raspberry is mainly grown in the United States, Italy, France and Germany. It is a bushy plant with resistant roots and small dark green leaves. The flowering of the raspberry generally takes place between May and June. There are two different varieties of raspberry: remontant and non remontant. The former have an initial fruiting in June, followed by a stopping period. The plant returns to bear fruit in August, to finish in October. Non-re-flowering raspberries, on the other hand, bear fruit constantly starting from June, stopping production at the beginning of the autumn season.

The fruit of the raspberry

Raspberry belongs to the category of berries. These are small acidulous and quite delicious fruits, red in color. They have excellent diuretic properties, contain antioxidants and good amounts of vitamins, especially type C, a factor that makes raspberry a powerful anti-inflammatory for the respiratory tract. Their energy intake is minimal, due to the fact that most of the fruit’s mass is made up of water. Raspberry is rich in fructose, with a low dose of protein and minimal fat and is widely used in the industrial sector, to make syrups, jams and cosmetic products. The best quality raspberries are intended for the production of ice cream and yoghurt. The raspberry leaves, rich in tannins, have excellent healing properties,

Cultivation of raspberry in the garden

An essential element for a good raspberry cultivation is the availability of abundant quantities of water. The raspberry takes root on most soils and does not need specific areas for planting, even if windy and excessively cold places are not recommended. The best time to plant raspberry is late autumn. The seedlings should preferably be arranged in two rows, at a distance of about half a meter from each other. When sowing the seedlings, it is recommended to carry out mulching, i.e. covering the plants with various materials, in order to protect them from fungal diseases and insects. For a better success of the planting, it is good to prepare a support for climbing the plants. The fruit harvest should be done in summer, when the raspberries take on a red color.

Raspberry cultivation: Grow the raspberry on a pot

Alternatively, it is possible to grow the raspberry on a pot, choosing one with a minimum size of thirty centimeters. Being a plant that needs little care, cultivation is simple even for those who have little time available. Universal topsoil lends itself perfectly to the purpose. The important thing is that it is well drained. As with garden planting, the best planting time is late autumn. Also in this case some supports are necessary and abundant and frequent watering are obligatory, to keep the soil moist. In spring, when it is flowering, it is recommended to use organic fertilizer and mulch. After fruiting, it is necessary to cut the branches that have fruited, along with the less robust ones.

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