Rattan garden furniture

Furnish and enhance your home exterior with rattan

With the arrival of summer, you begin to think about how to renovate the exterior of your home. The length of winter has withered the garden and dulled its colors. The time has come, therefore, to give color and life back to your outdoor space. So why not start with garden furniture that can revive a place that for many means escaping the stress of everyday life? You can choose to create a classic outdoor space where you can eat, with a classic table in the center to invite your friends. Or, if you want to amaze, you can opt for the creation of a garden lounge to be placed under a pergola or simply under a veranda. Particularly suitable for your exterior are rattan garden furniture. Simple and elegant.

Rattan garden furniture: simple and elegant

Rattan is a particular palm that grows mainly in rather humid places. In particular, it is very widespread in Vietnam where in many regions the local population bases its subsistence on the production of furniture and artifacts in rattan wood. The particular flexibility of this wood, greater than precious woods such as maple and birch, makes it perfect for creating objects that generally need to be intertwined. The main feature of rattan garden furniture is, in fact, the braiding. The result is very light furniture which at the same time manages to be resistant. On the other hand, the places where rattan grows are generally very rainy and subjected to severe weather all year round. Despite this, rattan furniture is increasingly used for interiors as well.

Where and how to place rattan garden furniture

Rattan is a rather versatile material, we have already said that. Therefore it can be used in a multitude of ways. Being a very soft material, in general, it is widely used for outdoor lounges. There are all kinds and all colors. The most classic of rattan outdoor lounges is composed of a table with chairs but, the flexibility guaranteed by rattan, especially during the construction phase, guarantees the possibility of creating shapes that are always different and always particular. But more can be done with rattan. Tables to eat, swings, sofas, beds to relax and even trolleys where you can place drinks to cool off. Of course, a gazebo cannot be missing, demonstrating that with rattan you can really create anything. And this at rather low prices.

Rattan garden furniture: How to maintain rattan outdoor furniture

It’s true. Rattan is a very strong material. However, nothing is indestructible and this rule does not escape even rattan furniture. With some small precautions, therefore, we can extend the life of our outdoor furniture. During the winter make sure to keep everything indoors or well covered so that with the arrival of spring a quick dusting will suffice. Rattan is resistant to mold, thanks also to the products that are administered to it during the production phase. However, it is good to proceed from time to time to a superficial cleaning with nebulized water or with a simple cloth with a little detergent on top or with ammonia if you want to lacquer it later. To get into the tightest spaces you can use a simple toothbrush. If you want to keep the luster of your rattan furniture,

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