Recinzioni prefabbricate

The prefabricated structure

Prefabricated fences are widely used structures because they reveal characteristics that make installation and installation particularly easy, reducing time and costs. The prefabricated fences allow you to choose from an infinite variety of models, which have extremely different characteristics, styles and sizes: even without a tailor-made construction it will therefore be possible to identify the perfect fence to delimit your garden or land. The fence can be purchased directly in conjunction with the gate, for a more unitary effect and the safety of two products able to blend harmoniously with the surrounding space. In addition to reducing installation and delivery times, prefabricated fencesthey also reduce operations in the production phase, allowing the creation of a final product with a low cost. The purchase can be made without particular limitations, since the structure will be built through the combination of several panels, in the number necessary to cover the perimeter along which the fence must be developed.

Protection or elegance?

Prefabricated fences, contrary to what one might think, do not limit the possibilities from the point of view of choice: on the market there are extremely varied models, which allow you to choose not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a structural point of view. The choice must therefore be oriented according to the needs and characteristics of the space to be delimited: if the fence is to perform a protective function, it is good that it is of solid and resistant material and that the fence itself is of considerable size. If you want it to also guarantee maximum privacy, you will opt for totally blackout panels, otherwise you can choose from the many decorative models that allow you to identify the right mix of privacy and lighting. The fences can also have a purely decorative purpose or be installed to signal different areas of the garden or the boundaries of the property: in this case the dimensions will be reduced, while the decorative aspect and the aesthetic development will play a greater role. In all cases, the quality of the materials used must never be neglected, which is essential to guarantee a long life to the fence and its maintenance in excellent condition despite the passage of time.

The materials and the care

The construction of fences must take into account their positioning in open spaces: it is essential to use materials that can withstand exposure to bad weather, temperature changes, humidity for a long time, but also to shocks and any external tampering attempts. . For this reason, many metals are used in the construction of outdoor fences: the most common are iron, steel and aluminum. If the last two do not require particular maintenance operations and can guarantee maximum resistance, iron is the material that more than any other lends itself to sophisticated processing and is therefore the most suitable for creating fences with a great visual impact. Wood is also very popular, which allows you to create fences that do not constitute a too aggressive insertion within a natural space and still allows you to have a low-cost, elegant and resistant fence, as long as it is adequately treated with products that make it water-repellent. Alternatively, the fences can be made of concrete, created according to molds that allow a great variety of development and models, also in this case in order to identify the one most in line with the characteristics of the surrounding space.

Purchase and placement

The choice, therefore, must take into account various factors, including costs, which will vary depending on the material used and the aesthetic development of the fence. Generally speaking, wood and PVC are among the cheapest materials for the construction of gates, while iron and in particular wrought iron will present higher costs in the face of a unique formal refinement and of sure impact. Once the model has been identified, it is possible to purchase one or more gates at the same time or make the choice later, remembering to choose models that match the surrounding space and that can form a harmonious whole with the fence. Each fence will require a different type of care and maintenance depending on its characteristics: for this reason it is important to be adequately informed at the time of purchase, and to opt for a structure that does not involve excessive effort. The costs and installation times will be agreed at the time of purchase and will be included in the estimate: for greater certainty in identifying the company able to offer the most convenient services, it is possible to request the estimate at multiple points of sale, then selecting the fence taking into account all these characteristics.

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