Red poppy meaning

The symbolism of the red poppy

In the language of flowers, the poppy has the generic meaning of dormant pride, but also of simplicity and a sort of consolation. This symbolism attributed to it derives from the fact that, due to its sedative properties, it was already associated with sleep, oblivion and laziness in ancient times. When we talk about red poppy, however, its meaning evokes more solar and powerful images, so much so that it is often defined as the flower of politicians and authoritative figures; this tradition dates back to a legend linked to the image of Tarquinio the superb, one of the 7 kings of Rome, who, in order to teach his son the best way to take possession of the city of Gibo, he had the tallest-stemmed poppies cut down to show him that the highest-ranking people and the most important and powerful offices had to be felled first in order to achieve the goal. From this story derives the meaning of power of the red poppy. This flower has also been a symbol of fidelity, as an ancient belief has it that, if you put a red poppy petal in the palm of your hand, if you hit it with a fist you hear a snap, then it means that your loved one is faithful. .

The red poppy: traditions and mythology

The red poppy, like other flowers with intense and profound symbolism, is the protagonist of stories, popular beliefs and legends. In Greek mythology the poppy becomes a symbol of consolation, in fact it is said that Demeter, goddess of fields and crops, lost her serenity following the death of her daughter, and that the only remedy to make her regain tranquility was infusions of flowers poppy, which he sipped daily. Another story tells, however, that in Great Britain, during the First World War, wreaths of poppy flowers were celebrate the heroic deeds of the soldiers who fell for their homeland, in fact, even today, on Remembrance Day, everyone, including members of the royal family, wears one in their buttonhole. Similarly, according to an old legend, it is said that the Mongol emperor Genghis Khan, scattered poppy seeds on the battlefields that he kept in his pockets, to honor the fallen of battle, both his own and those of his opponents. Also featured in a well-known Anglo-Saxon poem entitled “In flanders fields”, artificial poppies are being sold for charity.

The meaning of the poppy in tatoos

Anyone who decides to choose a flower as the object of their tattoo certainly wants to use a symbolic means to talk about themselves. The flower in a tattoo allows you to bring out your personality by taking off the masks that you wear every day, like it or not. The poppy in the tatoo expresses a vital rhythm typical of the flower, which is born, grows and withers only to re-sprout, to grow again and expand again. The tattooed poppy expresses a very clear message, that is “I provide beauty to your senses”, in the sense that those who choose this flower to draw it indelibly on their body, are inclined to love beautiful things, sharing them with others. Although the poppy is a fairly simple flower, with regular, monochromatic petals open to the sun, its tattoo expresses, in addition to a simple beauty, also a spontaneous and highly seductive refinement. Whoever tattoos on his own body apoppy red is a strong personality, with a decisive but patient character, he wants to express power and resistance in spite of the generic meaning of the flower, which sees it as a symbol of laziness, consolation and oblivion.

Red poppy meaning: The poppy symbol of fertility

In some places, such as Perrero, the poppy is associated with the figure of the woman, in particular the wild poppy with the woman in general, the opiate poppy with the domestic woman, or woman of the hearth. Probably the association stems from the fact that in these areas, women used poppy seeds to make infusions for medical purposes, in fact, the female figure was considered the custodian of the knowledge of flowers in medicine and their uses for therapeutic purposes, but not Esoteric references with rituals, empirical uses and knowledge consolidated only through tradition and experience were also excluded. Thanks to these “attempts” which represented a direct experience, women discovered the sedative and hallucinogenic properties of poppy seeds. The poppy, especially its seeds, they recalled in the classical world the symbol of fertility, so also in this sense there is a connection with the female figure. Frequently represented in mythological representations together with ears of wheat in the arms of the goddess Demeter, Cecere and Aphrodite, the poppy was also often used in propitiatory rites in the fields to promote fertility.

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