Red spider mite remedies

The red spider

The spider mite is one of the most common parasites that affect plants grown both indoors and outdoors. These mites belong to the genus of Arachnids and are recognized by the presence of very small dark spots scattered on the pages of the leaves. The presence of spider mite causes the appearance of small discolored spots on the leaves, which gradually take on a bronze color while the whole leaf begins to dry up, until the fall. In the presence of numerous parasites, between one leaf and another it is also possible to notice small and very thin cobwebs. If not eliminated, the red spider is able to deprive the plant of nourishment until it leads to death: for this reason it is very important to prevent its attack and eliminate the presence of every single organism that infests the plant.


The red spider can be kept away from the plant as a preventive measure thanks to the use of specific products, to be spread together with the watering water or directly in the ground during the vegetative restart of the plant. However, the importance of the environmental and climatic conditions of the place where the plants are grown should not be underestimated. The red spider fears the presence of very dry environments with stagnant air: it is therefore better to favor the recirculation of air even between the innermost leaves of the plant and not to exceed the quantity of water at each watering. In general, it is better to prefer frequent watering, but limiting the amount of water, so as not to favor the formation of water stagnations, which are also harmful to the roots of the plant.

Red spider remedies: Remedies

If, despite all due attention, an ongoing infestation on some plant is discovered, it will be necessary to intervene with specific products. If the infestation is very widespread, it will be necessary to resort to specific chemical products, which may require more close interventions over time. If, on the other hand, the infestation is still in its initial stages, airing often and nebulising the leaves very frequently can be a good remedy, as long as the plant is not affected. Infestations in the initial stage can also be treated with less aggressive remedies, such as mineral oil, also to be used in the course of several close treatments over time. The treatment can be suspended when all the cobwebs, a sign of the presence of parasites, have disappeared and will not reform.

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