Red tomato spider


Belonging to the Solanaceae family, the tomato is a perennial herbaceous plant introduced in Europe from Latin America. The tomato gives life to very juicy fruits and used in the kitchen for the preparation of salads, side dishes and various sauces. Its use also extends towards phytotherapy and in the preparation of cosmetic products. The tomato contains beneficial properties for our organism, in fact its cultivation in private gardens and vegetable gardens is very widespread. Like all other plants, tomatoes can also be attacked by parasites that make the plant sick. Pests are usually the cause of climatic conditions not suitable for that type of plant or due to lack of care that the plant needs to develop in the best way. Anyhow,

Red spider

The most common pest that attacks tomato plants is the spider mite, an insect that belongs to the mite family. The red tomato spider is very similar to the red spider spiderwhich attacks other garden plants or vegetable plants. This parasite is yellow or orange in color during the juvenile stage, once it has grown and reached the adult stage it becomes reddish in color. The red spider mite of the tomato affects the lower part of the leaves of the plant and the fruits of it. These areas affected by the parasite begin to change color becoming brownish or bubbles appear on them. The bubbles usually appear on the leaves, while the fruits tend to take on a rust-like color. Removing the red spider mite from the tomato can be as simple as it is difficult, proceed and use the appropriate method based on the severity of the situation.

Red tomato spider: how to eliminate them

Small attacks by these parasites can also be removed by simply wetting the lower part of the leaf, the area in which these insects are placed. There are both chemical and biological methods, usually with chemical ones if the infection is severe and has spread for more than 50%. The parasite, in this case, is removed by administering to the plant an acaricide such as clofentenzie, exitiazox, abamectin, fenazaquin and fenpiroximate. These substances are quite toxic and therefore it is advisable not to carry out the treatment more than once a year. As far as biological control is concerned, it must be done with the enemies of the red spider, an example is the Beauveriabassiana mushroom. Other biological methods are the use of paraffin oil or soft soap.

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