Red tulip

The history of the tulip

The tulip is a flower that, in the collective imagination, is immediately associated with Holland, which is the largest producing country in Europe. However, not everyone knows that its origin is Middle Eastern: it was in fact imported from Turkey, by an ambassador of Frederick I at the court of Suleiman the Magnificent, around the first half of 1500. The tulip belongs to the Liliaceae family, and still today. in Turkey it is a very popular flower, as it is the national symbol of the country. Its very name comes from an Arabic term, which indicated the typical rolled turban that the inhabitants of the Middle East wear on their heads. When it was imported to Europe, at first the tulip was not very popular, but over time it was so desired, becoming a status symbol, that its price skyrocketed.

The legends about the tulip

The tulip exists in over 150 different varieties, each of which is expressed in a profusion of beautiful and vibrant colors: there is the yellow tulip, the white tulip, the red tulip. Especially the latter is the subject of the legends concerning the birth from the flower. An ancient story tells that the red tulip was born from the blood shed by a desperate lover, who believed that his beloved was dead. According to another oriental folk tale, the red tulipit was always born from drops of blood, however spilled on the battlefield by Imam Hossein, nephew of the prophet Mohammed. In both cases, we understand how the red tulip has a meaning that is strongly linked to passion. In fact, in the language of flowers, it indicates perfect, absolute and eternal love, much more than the red rose.

The tulip is nowadays used extensively as a cut flower, on many occasions. For example, it is given as a bouquet on a birthday, or on an anniversary. It can also be given to a man, because it has a very simple, albeit graceful shape, and is therefore less feminine than other floral varieties. It is used to decorate weddings, especially if the wedding takes place in spring. If you give a white, yellow, or pink tulip, you always want to express love and affection towards the person who receives it as a gift: but the red tulip more specifically means I love you, and I will love you forever. It is therefore a very demanding message, both for those who offer the gift and for those who receive it. The red tulip exists in many varieties: Abba, Christmas Red, Roulette.

Red Tulip: How to Grow Red Tulip

Finding tulips in flower shops, and therefore also the red tulip, is not difficult. As we said, these flowers bloom in spring, but are found on the market all year round. If, on the other hand, you want to grow a plant in your garden, or on the balcony, all you have to do is buy the bulbs, in the desired red tulip variety. The bulb should be placed on the ground in the period between October and December, so that the flower grows in spring. The soil must be sandy and well draining, and the bulb should be positioned at a depth of 10-20 centimeters. The tulip resists both cold and heat well, but it must be planted in a bright and sheltered place, because it fears the wind. Usually the red tulip blooms very early, sometimes when there is still snow,

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