Red tulips

The history of red tulips

Red tulips, like all tulips, are native to Turkey, of which they are even a national symbol due to their vast significance in the country’s history, loved as they were by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Scientific name Tulipa, belonging to the genus of Liliaceae, take their name from the Turkish tullband, turban, resembling as they are the famous headdress of the country. Bulbous flowers, widespread today in most of the world, have found a second homeland in Holland: since 1554 whole expanses of red and other colored tulips have dazzled the country with their composed beauty. Now widespread in many cultivars, red tulips today belong to numerous varieties: from the precocious Duke of Tholl to the precious Darwins, from the Cottages to the Triumphs, up to the Dragons and the Rembrandts, themeaning of the red tulips is always the same but the appearance changes to meet the needs of the customers.

The legend of red tulips

The meaning of tulipsrossi has been the same for centuries: pure and infinite love. There are many oriental traditions on the red tones of this wonderful flower: according to Persian tales, a bouquet of red tulips was the only admissible gift of a man to his woman, and since the time of the mythological ménage between King Cosroe II, his wife Shirin and lover Farhad. From the drops of blood fallen by the man, who took his own life to the false news of Shirin’s death, a field of red tulips was born. And a field of red tulips appears in a similar legend, that of the beheading of Mohammed’s nephew during the battle of Kerbela: once again it is the blood of a pure man at the origin of the meaning of the flower. In the tales of the Thousand and One Nights the sultan used red tulips to choose the chosen one,

The meaning of red tulips today

Giving red tulips today has a precise meaning: declaring true, unwavering, infinite love to someone important. The partner, however, does not necessarily have to be the only recipient: in a floral composition they are a Christmas declaration of friendly love towards a dear relative or a very close friend; in vase, red tulips are a delightful way to declare undying affection to one’s mother or grandmother; inside a wedding bouquet, they take on the graceful meaning of a wish of long love for the newlyweds. More than the rose, sometimes at the risk of monotonous tradition, the tulip is the true and original alternative for the most original and faithful to tradition lovers. Nothing like a triumph of red tulips can soften the heart of the beloved.

Red tulips: Original ideas with red tulips

For their elegance, beauty and solidity, red tulips are a wonderful resource for creating intriguing and original ideas, showing their meaning to others with small tricks. On a white tablecloth, for example, a centerpiece overflowing with red tulips is a perfect match of colors for the enthusiasts of life and love. Inserted between the bows and ribbons of a package, it will give a touch of personal elegance to your gifts. Among the few flowers given to a man, pinned to the lapel of his jacket, a charming tulip is the discreet flag of lovers and dandies, while conveying a clear meaning of stability and security. A carpet of red tulips in the home garden will brighten the walls and accentuate the bright green of the lawn.

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