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Functions of the windbreak net

If in your garden or in your green area you decide to grow fruit plants, give life to a small vegetable garden or simply have the certainty that the most delicate crops can grow undisturbed, around the affected perimeter you can opt for the arrangement of a network windbreak, structure able to protect without obscuring excessively. The windbreak net allows in fact to defend the crops from the gusts of wind without blocking the passage of sunlight: in this way you can get the maximum defense without having to give up any fundamental element for the plants. The windbreak net can be made in different materials and colors: usually we opt for green, able to blend in and blend with the surrounding environment without creating a heavy detachment and without attracting too much attention. Height and perimeter can of course be established based on the size and conformation of the area to be protected and delimited.

Types of windbreak nets

The windbreak nets have a more or less rigid structure depending on the size of the meshes and their weaving: they range from 50% up to 95% meshes, which can be used for particularly windy areas but also depending on the elasticity and the possibility of bending the desired structure, as well as the necessary covering effect. The windbreak net can in fact also constitute a barrier that delimits the view and allows you to create greater privacy within the property, for a dual function that is always effective. The windbreak net can also be a useful deterrent against external intrusions, while as regards its protective function it is able to limit the effect of the wind even at several meters away, so as to be functional for large areas.

Windbreak net: Purchase and placement

Before purchasing the windbreak net for your green space, it is essential to establish the perimeter on which it will be positioned, in order to make a purchase that reflects your needs, without wasting material and without finding instead a limited quantity and not sufficient to time of placement. The windbreak nets are usually affixed to wooden or metal poles, of variable height according to the net, and firmly anchored in the ground. They must in fact be able to withstand the elements and guarantee maximum stability: for this reason it is advisable to have the anchoring operations carried out by the personnel appointed by the company from which the purchase is made, in order to avoid any risk of damage. In case the network itself suffers any damage,

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