Roof terraces in wood

The garden furniture

After having carried out the garden project in our minds, it is good to outline it and identify the places most exposed to the sun and the coldest ones. In this way we have the possibility to choose the plants, bushes and flowers that are most suitable for the climate and temperature. Where we will notice more sun or places more exposed to climatic changes, we will have to take care to place canopies and shelters for the protection of the living place. Likewise in the flowered terraces, used as greenhouses or where we have created living environments, it is advisable to protect plants and the furniture with covers that give us pleasant and comfortable places to stay. The garden furniture depends on the size and its climate, in addition to the exposure to sunlight, even to furnish the terraces the logic for the choice is no different,

Pergolas and garden sheds

In an area that is too sunny it is advisable to install pergolas and garden sheds to guarantee a pleasant stay outdoors even in the hottest months. Similarly, to protect plants, flowers, furniture and those who love being outdoors, canopies and canopies are ideal and become real furnishing accessories. On the market we can find them for every need and pocket, we are spoiled for choice. Furthermore, if the canopies and canopies are installed to protect the doors and windows of the houses, as well as embellish the houses they give protection and allow a long life of the window material. Also with regard to the canopies and garden sheds, which can be used on the terraces, the choice is vast and satisfies every taste and price requirement.

Among the various materials, with which terrace covers are made, one of the favorites is wood. Resistant to the weight of snow and ice, it insulates from both cold and hot temperatures and with the fireproof treatments they lend themselves perfectly to roofs. Their elegance is undoubted, worked or simple beams, they create warm and pleasant environments. They do not require special care and resist the wear and tear of time for a long time. The roof terraces in woodthey can be finished with glass, iron and steel, as well as other materials of our taste, they blend very well and are very versatile in both modern and classic or folk style. Wood is a completely natural material and can be recycled, if you decide to change sheds and roofs, then nothing is wasted, but everything is reused.

Roofing of wooden terraces: Roofing for terraces

Those who do not have the possibility of creating a garden, even if small around their home, can equally create living spaces externally, on the terraces of their home. Often they occupy a part of the roof and have covers, which extend it, and are made of the same material as it. The canopies and canopies from the terrace shelter and insulate from heat and cold, they can protect flowers and plants in winter or in summer. In the same way, in the covered terraces we can create habitable environments, where you can spend time with friends and relatives in celebration or relax after a tiring day. Housewives find a suitable place to hang clothes. The terraces become other «rooms», where you can freely do what is absolutely not possible inside the house.

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