Rosa osiria

How much to water an osiria rose

The osiria rose is a hybrid of tea and is characterized by very large flowers whose main peculiarity, in addition to the size, is the double color that determines truly spectacular shades. In 1978, the osiria rose was proclaimed the most beautiful rose in the world and is indeed, without a shadow of a doubt, wonderful. Like all varieties of roses it needs a lot of water but it must be given abundantly in a single time and then wait for the water to be completely absorbed in the following days. Only when the soil is dry again can you proceed with a new watering. The osiria rose has always been a symbol of wealth, prestige and if someone is honored with this flower it means that whoever gave it to them has deep and sincere feelings.

The osiria rose is a type of flower that can be grown both in flower beds and in pots, it is often used to beautify domestic environments. Despite being a hybrid, the osiria rose is a truly resistant plant variety, and does not require special conditions for its cultivation. This plant prefers well-fertilized soils with manure and fertilized with organic substances such as compost, and obviously the soil must be draining enough to adequately retain water but without creating stagnation. Exposure to sunlight is essential for the definition of colors, in fact it is also possible to proceed with a cultivation in partial shade, obtaining less bright shades. The osiria rose can reach 80 centimeters in height.

How to take care of the rose

The osiria rose has very long stems, the leaves are a fairly dark green but bright and its flowers, despite their elegance, are quite showy, dyed white, red, pink and burgundy alternate harmoniously. The petals are soft like velvet and give off an intense but very delicate perfume. The osiria rose does not need special pruning, the fundamental thing is to eliminate dry branches and leaves that tend to dry out. Pruning is usually done annually. Being a very precious type of rose, it is not easy to find it and therefore you have to order it or contact the large nurseries to be able to find a quality osiria rose. With this species of rose you can create magnificent roses that bloom from May until the first frosts. This plant is the true flower of the

Rosa osiria: Diseases and Cures

The osiria rose can be attacked by various parasites that can cause the plant to decay. Among the most common there are certainly aphids or small insects, also called plant lice, which suck the sap causing a drying of the osiria rose. It is possible to kill aphids by using insecticides. Another enemy of this flower is the red spider, which is a type of mite that pierces the epidermis of the plant but which can be eradicated using a pesticide. Then there are the leafhoppers whose attack, however, is never devastating in the sense that it is sufficient to remove or burn the leaves most affected by these insects. Powdery mildew can also be a problem for rose osiria which is produced by a fungus and causes a gray mist that forms on the foliage.

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