Rose species

The Rose Species: Alba

These are the oldest roses but whose origins are very uncertain and about which various legends are told including the one that sees his birth with the goddess Venus and for this reason it would be the most delicate rose that has ever been created by nature. We find news of these roses even in writings of the medieval age and in the Renaissance period where the Alba roses were represented by various artists in their paintings. Alba roses are among the most elegant of the ancient ones, formed by vertical bushes that give life to extremely fragrant flowers but unfortunately not re-flowering since they bloom only once a year. The Alba have very large shrubs, are rustic and manage to thrive even in conditions that are not exactly easy such as poor soils, in places where there is half. shade and are very disease resistant roses. Some varieties of Alba can be the Celestial, cultivated for its pointed and fragrant buds, the Queen of Denmark with their pink colored petals, they are considered among the most beautiful of this species.

The Rose Species: Gallica

This species of rose belongs to an ancient class of garden roses that was well known at the time of the ancient Romans and probably, thanks to them, it owes its diffusion. Initially these roses were grown in the gardens of the monasteries to produce rose water and medical uses; later they were bred by Dutch and French; in fact they are among the most widespread of the Old Continent. In the different crosses of this species there are magnificent varieties of shades of colors such as carmine or mauve. These roses emanate rich perfumes and show yellow stamens; they form vertical bushes with dark foliage at the base and their flowering period goes from May to June and July. In this kind of rose we can find the Gallica officinalis with their extreme perfume and it is advisable to plant them in groups of three to have a beautiful large specimen, the Complicata with its bright pink flowers is a very vigorous and robust bush suitable for poor soils.

The Rose Species: Portland

This rose species takes its name from the Duchess of Portland who in the middle of the 18th century was the richest woman in England; during a trip to Italy he brought a rose with red flowers to England. The Portland ones are characterized by a very strong, decisive scent, they have a very good re-flowering with an erect posture and a very compact shrub; many enthusiasts immediately became interested in this species of rose which was first cultivated and, later thanks to French hybridizers, several crosses were born. These roses have a compact bearing in themselves, then they form medium-sized bushes with dull green foliage, they always carry their scent with them and the colors can vary from white to crimson. Among the Portland we can find Rose du Roi with double flowers,

Rose species: Rose species: the Noisette

In the same years in Portland, a new species of rose called Noisette appears, they are creepers originating from America and on which several crossings were made including one that gave life to the “blush Noisette”, a rather low, very re-flowering and equally fragrant climber. . They are usually used as climbers but can also be used as large shrubs; they are decidedly vigorous plants, as mentioned before also very re-flowering with very fragrant medium-sized flowers that are produced cyclically over the course of the year. The yellow hue is dominant even if, obviously, there is certainly no lack of high colors that start from a pure white up to various shades of pink to reach an apricot and red color. They are roses that tolerate the cold very well and tolerate shady areas. Among the Noisette we can find the Gloire de Dijon with large yellow flowers with shades of pink salmon emanating all their intense perfume, the Crépuscule of a continuous flowering, with a vigorous growth and large in size.

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