Rose watering

Rose watering

Just as we humans need water as living beings, so too do plants need it to develop in the best way. Watering the plants is an important gesture that must be done following particular criteria. The plants in question are roses and, depending on the period and climatic conditions, they need more abundant and frequent watering or less. The heat, as we all know, dries the soil in a short time compared to the cold and therefore in the hot periods the roses need to be watered constantly, while in the colder periods the irrigation can be decreased also because rainwater contributes. It is good to remember that abundant watering can often lead to fungal diseases and therefore it is advisable to pay close attention.

Best time

Every person who takes care of a plant wonders what would be the best time of the day to water it without encountering problems or causing damage. In the warmer seasons, that is the spring period and the summer period, the best time is in the morning and in the evening. In periods with such high temperatures, roses need to be watered abundantly and the water must penetrate deeply. A lack of satisfactory water for these types of plants could lead to poor results in the flowering period. It is good to know that a characteristic of roses is to develop rather branched and deep roots, this will be possible only if the plants have a sufficient amount of water available to reach all their parts, therefore also a soil that allows this.

Important rules

Following basic rules is equivalent to doing half the work we should be doing to take care of our plants. We must not forget that what we are talking about are just the right tips but each species and each variety of these plants have specific and different needs from each other. The right thing to do is to observe the plant we take care of, through its appearance we can understand if it grows well or manifests a state of malaise. One of the fundamental rules is to give these plants the right amount of water on a regular basis, the soil must not be too dry and much less excessively wet. Excessive watering can cause the formation of water stagnation and favor the appearance of fungi that end up weakening our roses.

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