Rosehip berries


Walking through the Italian woods it is not difficult to come across a rosehip plant. The dog rose, in fact, is a shrub that grows completely spontaneously and characterized by white or bright pink flowers. It is possible to state how this plant represents the progenitor of what we know today as domestic rose. Medium-sized shrub, it has thorny branches and large flowers that do not remain long after flowering but which very soon give way to the fruit, or berries. Bright red in color, the berries ripen in autumn. Thanks to the quantity of vitamin C they contain, rosehip berries are widely used in herbal medicine for the preparation of various preparations that help the body, especially in joint pain.

Rosehip berries

Just when autumn comes to life, the rosehip berries reach the complete ripening stage and are, therefore, ready to harvest. With fresh fruits you can prepare delicious jams with a very special flavor. On the other hand, by subjecting the berries to a drying process, excellent decoctions and infusions can be prepared, highly sought after in herbal medicine. The vast use in this sector is due to the great presence of vitamin C in these fruits as well as bioflavonoids, organic acids and polyphenols. Rosehip berries therefore represent a very effective remedy for various problems, the very first of all those related to our joints. It is also highly recommended to restore all the organisms that are too weakened.

Properties of rose hips

Its very wide use in the herbal and pharmaceutical fields derives from the properties of rose hips which are varied and can help solve many problems related to our physical health. The first properties of this plant are defined with a very particular term, or immunomodulating. This means that they are very well able to better regulate the immune system, especially if you have allergies. The anti-inflammatory properties of rose hips are also well known. It also has a vitaminizing action thanks to a very high concentration of vitamin C and astringent inside, therefore perfect in the case of intestinal diarrhea or colic. The antioxidant function is also very important,

Rosehip Berries: Rosehip infusion

Preparing an excellent rosehip tea is by no means a complicated operation. For the infusion we will use both the flowers and the completely dried berries, better if, therefore, already purchased at the herbalist shop of our trust. The next step consists in boiling the water which we will then pour directly into a fairly large cup. The classic cups that are used for breakfast are perfect. Inside we leave the dried rosehip berries in infusion for a few minutes, then filtering the liquid obtained and drinking it. Of course it is highly inadvisable to exceed the doses indicated by the herbalist. An infusion of this type fits perfectly when you want to prevent flu symptoms.

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