Rosehip oil properties

What is the rosehip?

Rosa mosqueta, or musky rose, is a beautiful plant with very fragrant pink flowers that is part of the Rosaceae family. It has a very similar appearance to dog rose and has drupes that resist on the plant for almost the whole winter.The name by which we know this plant is the one they gave it in Chile, where it is very widespread and women have already used it for a long time. a long time for its many properties. Drupes make up the fruits of the plant and are harvested in early spring to be dried in special ovens. The seeds are then extracted from which the rosehip oil is produced with a cold pressing process. This is then refined for use in cosmetics. Rosehip oil is very sensitive to air, light and temperature changes.

The many properties of rosehip oil

Rosehip oil consists of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (in particular linoleic acid, palmitic acid and stereatic acid), which contribute to the regeneration of skin membranes and tissues, and trans-retinoic acid , an isomer of Vitamin A with a proven anti-aging effect. These components and these properties make rosehip oil perfect for use in cosmetic and dermatological products for the care of the face, body, but also of hair and hands. It is used in anti-wrinkle and acne products. for the reduction of stretch marks and scars, but also to strengthen the nails, for an anti-aging effect on the skin of hands and body.It can also be taken in the form of a food supplement to renew the skin and keep it young,

How to use rosehip oil on the face

On the market there are many products based on rosehip oil, with oil percentages that vary from product to product.With this oil, face creams are made, often suitable for mixed or dry skin, with a moisturizing and anti-aging effect. . There are both day and night creams, but it is good to remember that night creams are always more effective and more nutritious than day creams because the skin relaxes during the night and better absorbs the active ingredients of the cosmetic products we apply them. .On the market you can also find eye contours and lip contours, in stick or cream, based on rosehip.If you want a more powerful effect, it is good to use pure rosehip oil directly: it is certainly more expensive than creams or other types of pure oils, but its effect is worth the expense! You can choose to apply it drop by drop on the face, massaging it thoroughly, or add it to your face cream, enhancing its moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effect.

Rosehip oil properties: How to use rosehip oil on the body

Pure rosehip oil is not only perfect for the face, but also for the body. It can be applied directly to scars and stretch marks, reducing their size, lightening and thinning them. It can also be massaged on skin spots, caused by both age and sun exposure, to mitigate the discoloration.In cosmetic stores you can also find body creams based on rosehip oil to counteract the imperfections of stretch marks. make an anti-aging effect and deeply nourish the skin. However, if you do not appreciate the very particular smell of rosehip oil, you can add drops of pure oil to your favorite scented cream. Remember to shake or mix the cream before each use as the oil tends to rise to the surface.

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