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The garden as a hobby

The home garden is a precious place in our home for many reasons; first of all it allows us to have a “different” place from the usual and from the other rooms of the house, because it is open, with fresh air, exposed to sunlight and furnished with things that are not normally found in apartments, such as grass on the ground, swimming pool , fruit plants and much more. But not only that, the garden is also a fundamental place because it offers those who live it the opportunity to experience something different: the garden can engage us mentally and physically, it can tire us when it requires some maintenance activities, it can make us rack our brains when we are looking for. the aesthetic or practical solution to a problem. Said so it may even seem heavy, but in reality these problems are not real problems: they are questions that help our mind to distract itself from stress and everyday thoughts, while they help the body in a physical activity in the open air which is quite another thing than sitting in the office or in any case in the workplace. In short, the garden can represent a healthy, healthy and satisfying hobby, also because it has always been known that manual work is tiring but it is also one of the most rewarding, especially in satisfaction there is.

Tending the garden

So today we will talk about how to take care of our home garden; in fact, maintenance and care are two things that we absolutely cannot ignore if we want our garden to be as clean, safe and welcoming as the first day just completed. However, if you think about it, excluding the right material satisfaction in admiring your garden, the real satisfactions it gives us are those of when we feel it is ours, and this happens when our sweat and commitment in maintenance operations are repaid by a bright and effective appearance, from the possibility for us to relax feeling the well-cut grass and admiring the pruned plants, for children to play safely without running the risk of getting injured near some badly cut branches or coming dangerously close to tools or chemicals left unwisely or too quickly exposed. Having said that, it must be pointed out that taking care of the garden does not require an enormous effort, both in terms of time and physical stress; if we have the constancy to work daily or almost daily, the chores will be solved in a few minutes and we will never find ourselves in the critical condition of having to redo the whole garden in a single day, wasting a free day and a lot of energy.

Gardening tools

As with any type of manual work, two things are needed to get the job done well: the right tools and the ability to know how to use them. Let’s start by establishing which tools are useful to make the garden work well; going by heart we can remember those simple tools that our grandparents used in their retirement garden: the hoe, the spade, the rake, the shovel, the wheelbarrow and a few other things. in reality, with these simple tools, entire farms could be maintained, even if today technology has also transformed this to try to raise general productivity. The second thing it takes to be able to take care of the garden with good results is… knowing how to do it. Obviously starting from scratch and taking care of a garden would be like putting a child to drive a car; however, fortunately, the land activity is based on simple principles and few but fundamental concepts, very useful in many cases. But to all this we must always add a great willpower, which must mix both the availability of tools and knowledge, to bring out the right “person” with the famous green thumb.

Technology intervention

What are those gardening tools that technology has revolutionized by mechanizing them? There are plenty of examples of this process of transition between the manual tool and the automated one in our normal life, starting from the machines that operate surgery to those that stuff chairs (just to mention two of the “historical” operations of human civil dexterity). In agriculture and, to a lesser extent, gardening, this happened to ensure that this world was able to keep pace with industry, or rather, the race for productivity and volumes of production, sales and earnings. industry and around the world of modern commerce. At the beginning we tried to discover techniques that would guarantee a better yield of the soil (such as alternation techniques and the like), then we moved on to better personnel management and in particular to its increase, but we realized the excessive economic burden that this entailed. And so the mechanics and the engineers intervened, who in some ways “deconsecrated” a traditional manual skill of the human being, but for others they actually managed to save a world that without the aids of technology would not have made the modern commercial rhythms and would have been abandoned by everyone, because no one would have gained any more, disappearing definitively.

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