Finnish sauna

The sauna is a centuries-old tradition, which has always been rooted in the countries of Northern Europe but soon spread all over the world. Of the various more or less recent types, the Finnish one is certainly the most traditional. When we talk about saunas, we often think of a vice that can only be indulged in gyms, hotels, spas; in reality, installing a small sauna in your garden is an increasingly popular choice for lovers of greenery and well-being. The advantages of a sauna directly in your garden are undoubted, from practicality to speed of use, without forgetting total privacy. The Finnish sauna is usually made of wood and has, inside, one or more benches on which to lie down or sit down and a stove with lava stones that allows you to reach very high temperatures, up to 100 °, in a very short time. Finnish saunas allow you to always keep the temperature inside the room and the degree of humidity under control, for a completely relaxing and completely safe session.

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Alongside the traditional Finnish saunas, the most recent infrared saunas are enjoying increasing popularity: the basic principle remains unchanged, namely the possibility of benefiting from exposure to environments with very high temperatures and humidity, but the source of radiation changes, which is constituted in this case, in fact, by infrared rays. Within a structure similar in all respects to that of the Finnish sauna, the infrared sauna therefore does not have a lava stone stove. Infrared rays allow the elimination of large quantities of toxins and substances harmful to the body, for an immediate effect of well-being and relaxation. Among the advantages of infrared rays there is also the ability of the rays themselves to penetrate deeper through the skin, guaranteeing greater well-being. Like the Finnish sauna, even the infrared sauna needs adequate space for its positioning, although there are infinite models on the market that can guarantee the maximum variety, to satisfy any type of need. Both the Finnish sauna and the infrared sauna can be equipped, if the space available allows it, with a separate area for the shower after the treatment, so that it can be done without crossing the garden and returning to the house.


The sauna has been a widespread practice since ancient times precisely because it can bring immediate well-being to the mind and body: the primarily perceived effect is that of general relaxation, making it the ideal treatment at the end of stressful working days. The advantages, however, do not end there: the sauna is also able to bring significant benefits to the skin, which will be considerably healthier and more luminous after a few treatments, freed from impurities and dead cells, while the state of relaxation will also affect the muscles and on the circulatory system. The infrared sauna boasts the merit of penetrating deeper into the skin, ensuring the purification and elimination of many harmful toxins for the body.

Use and contraindications

Despite the many beneficial effects, the sauna could have some contraindications if not used correctly. In some cases, in fact, the treatment may not be recommended: this is why it is essential to consult your doctor before purchasing a structure to be placed permanently in your garden. In particular, the sauna is not recommended for people suffering from metabolic disorders and disorders related to blood pressure, which with the combination of temperature and humidity of the sauna could be accentuated. Based on the temperature and humidity conditions, it is necessary to follow the indications regarding use and its frequency, as well as the duration of each individual session, to ensure that the treatment brings real and effective benefits and does not disturb

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