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Outdoor chairs and their characteristics

The outdoor chairs can be made in various styles (classic or modern, fixed or folding) and in different materials: in any case, they are always fundamental elements for the furnishing of outdoor environments, especially if they are combined with complementary tables or other ornamental and decorative components (perhaps in their own style). In this way, live corners are created characterized by comfort and being usable alone or in company, to have moments of relaxation or for an afternoon or an evening with friends. Whatever the material they are made of, however, it is necessary that it has the characteristics of resistance and durability, as the outdoor chairs are exposed to thermal excursion and different temperatures. Indeed,

The materials: the outdoor chairs in synthetic rattan

The materials with which the outdoor chairs are made are of fundamental importance for their durability; the same thing also applies to their coatings. On the market there are stackable outdoor chairs made of woven polyethylene and equipped with aluminum legs. Other models include outdoor chairs in synthetic rattan or in hand-made fibers. These are elegant and very comfortable furnishings, but also very resistant, as they only need the canonical annual maintenance. Synthetic rattan, also called poly rattan, reproduces natural rattan, and can be woven in various ways, obtaining a very fine or quite wide weave. They are extremely functional and very easy to clean: just wipe a cloth with water and detergent over them (synthetic rattan does not absorb the

The wooden garden chairs and their maintenance

Outdoor chairs are the most classic and most popular ones. The material with which they are made, however, means that they require particular and more in-depth maintenance interventions. Generally, wooden outdoor chairs are made with teak wood, as it is very solid and resistant, also as regards the action of salt, atmospheric agents, high and low temperatures, sun and humidity. In fact, it tolerates temperatures up to 70 degrees well. Furthermore, teak does not alter and deform due to the use of screws (for this reason teak is also used for the construction of bridges on ships). If the outdoor chairs are built in teak, maintenance interventions are much reduced compared to those for chairs made with other types of wood.

Outdoor chairs: The outdoor chairs made of PVC

The most practical and economical outdoor chairs are those made of PVC, a plastic material increasingly used in recent years for outdoor furniture. In fact, it is practically immune to thermal excursion, high and low temperatures and wear, as well as being a very flexible material resistant to light and atmospheric agents. Furthermore, it is a recycled material, which makes it particularly suitable for proponents of eco-sustainability of furnishings. The PVC outdoor chairs are also very comfortable and practical, and require very little maintenance. Just clean them with water and degreasing detergent, then dry them using a chamois leather. They are not damaged if they are outdoors all year round, but if you want to store them, you can simply cover them with plastic sheeting.

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