The characteristics of the shears

Shears, also called scissors, are the typical pruning tools and are used for cutting plants, pruning dry and damaged branches of our shrubs. Being the most used gardening tools, it is necessary to know the various types in order to buy the most suitable ones for our purpose. Technically, the shears, strictly speaking, are not able to cut everything and their cutting force is limited to two centimeters in diameter and this also with some difficulty. To exceed two centimeters it is instead necessary to buy a lopper which, for example, is useful on thicker branches such as those of the peach tree, or you can opt for a traditional pruning saw. It is important to know that there are normal and professional type shears that have different functions and costs.

Generic and professional shears

The first choice you need to make when buying shears is which type to choose. Generic shears are offered at very competitive prices but may not be sufficient for our purpose. To decide, you need to take into account some very important factors. First we consider the type of hand and its shape. In fact, there are scissors with a good grip that facilitate those who have a weak hand. For example, there are shears with an ergonomic handle that greatly facilitate pruning operations. It is important to know what we are going to cut. Depending on the thickness of the branches of the shrub to be pruned, we could opt for shears with a more or less wide cutting radius up to classic pruning saws or pruning saws.

Types of shears and availability of spare parts

There are mainly three types of shears. The bypass shears are certainly the best known, they have curved blades that allow a precise and clean cut. Anvil shears have a straight blade that cuts like a normal knife. These are recommended for example to work on pruning dead branches instead of still vital branches. The ratchet shears are similar to the previous ones, but the operating system is more elaborate to make complex cuts in several stages. Let’s say ratchet shears achieve results where others stop. To evaluate the purchase of our garden shears we must take into account the availability of spare parts. Obviously the more professional models have spare parts while the generic ones do not,

Locking, springs and recommended brands

Garden shears are made of steel. Those of higher quality are covered with a non-stick steel material. This is to prevent them from being damaged by substances such as shrub sap. Even better are the carbon blades that last longer and need less maintenance. Professional shears certainly have a superior seal and cutting mechanism, which allow you to create higher quality jobs and last longer. We always take into account the locking mechanism of the shears we buy. This is to ensure you don’t accidentally cut yourself especially with sharp blades. Finally, consider that the best shears are equipped with a particularly ductile spring that reduces the load on the hand and wrist.

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