Shiny viburnum hedge

The shiny viburnum

Shiny hedge viburnum is a variety of evergreen shrubs characterized by beautiful bright green leaves that are shiny and shiny. The flowers are white and very fragrant and appear between May and June. The plants to create the viburnum hedge can be planted throughout the year without risk, calculating about three plants per linear meter, and preparing the soil with suitable fertilizer. The plants also tolerate drastic pruning well thanks to their rapid development, once planted they can start pruning when the hedge has formed, giving them the desired shape and height. The viburnum does not need abundant irrigation, these must be done only when the soil appears dry, taking care to avoid stagnation of water which are the main enemy of the plant.

The shiny viburnumfor hedges it is very resistant and easy to cultivate, however it requires regular pruning and fertilization. The speed of growth and development of this plant makes it necessary at least one pruning during the year if the hedge reaches high heights of five meters, otherwise, if the hedge is two meters, the prunings should be two per year. These have the main function of maintaining the shape of the hedge and above all of giving an orderly appearance to the garden. Fertilization and watering must also be regular, to be done preferably in spring using organic products. If treated with these few and simple attentions, the glossy viburnum hedge will resist very well and will grow vigorously in both hot and cold climates, also resisting pests and diseases of various kinds.

Diseases and pests of the shiny viburnum hedge

Although it tends to be a very resistant plant, the glossy viburnum can be attacked by some parasites and fungi that can compromise its growth even irreparably if not properly treated. For example, Phytophtora is a fungus that attacks the collar causing its deterioration. The tissues of the plant tend to flake off and wither, to the point of death if left untreated. The main cause of this disease is water stagnation in the soil. Phoma is a fungus that causes dark necrotic areas on leaves and branches, causing them to dry out. Also in this case the cause is to be found in the too much humidity of the soil. Even the classic red spider can attack the viburnum, manifesting itself with diffuse stippling and discoloration. It is necessary to intervene promptly, at the first symptoms,

Shiny viburnum hedge: The genus Viburnum

The glossy viburnum is a variety of plant belonging to the genus Viburnum, which includes over 150 different spontaneous species that live in the temperate areas of the globe. In general, these are evergreen shrubs and small trees that vary in height from two to ten meters, which can be grown both as hedges and as single saplings in gardens but also as a potted sapling to keep on the balcony. They can have more or less glossy leaves and white or pink tinged flowers, usually scented. They do not suffer neither the summer heat nor the winter harshness, preferring sunny or half-shade areas, and these characteristics make the viburnums of the plants very present in gardens but also in public parks, also thanks to the different varieties available, more or less ornamental .

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