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The Rose

The Rose belongs to the Rosacae family, in nature there are about 2000 species among those cultivated and spontaneous and are widespread in areas with a temperate climate near the Pacific Ocean and in the northern hemisphere. The Rose is a shrub that is often erect or sarmentose, its leaves are in turn composed of 5 to 11 leaflets with simple or double toothed margins. These leaves have a dark green color and are characterized by hairs, the presence of them varies according to the species they belong to. Its flowers gathered in corymb inflorescences are solitary and hermaphrodite. It is not possible to establish a number of petals that make up the flowers because this varies according to the species and whether it is cultivated or wild roses. The calyx of roses consists of 5 sepals which, in unfavorable climatic conditions, they become leaf-like. The fruit of the roses consists of an enlarged receptacle and takes the name of “rosehip”, this is considered an excellent ornamental element. Inside it the seeds ripen, they are of a color that varies between yellow and brown and are called “achenes”. Depending on the species, the rosehip can be larger or smaller or it could be fleshy, elongated and of various colors.


Roses are types of plants that are easy to cultivate, the only special attention must be kept in watering, pruning and above all for attacks by parasites. These plants are particularly prone to attacks by many insects and therefore it is advisable to prevent with the necessary care. The ideal soil for roses is a fertile, calcareous, medium-textured and well-drained soil. It is useful to know that it is a good habit to use organic substances (such as manure) in preparing the soil. These types of plants need abundant watering so as not to cause drought, especially in spring and summer. In autumn and winter, watering must be reduced also because precipitation contributes. The best time of day to water the roses is in the morning in the spring and in the evening in the summer. The best method to irrigate them is to run the water at the base of the plants until the soil is well wet, be careful not to wet the rose flowers because in this way we favor the fungal diseases that affect these plants. To help the seedlings develop, we can make manure every two years and at the same time administer granular fertilizer.

Pruning, planting

There are no precise rules to follow for pruning roses, they vary according to the species, cultivation, type of climate and flowering times. Pruning is carried out when the plant is in a state of vegetative rest through an oblique cut of half a centimeter above the bud. Pruning is done to eliminate dry branches and to reduce the size of the plant. The important thing to do is to disinfect the wound after the cut. There are two types of pruning for these seedlings: long pruning and short pruning. Long pruning is done on vigorous plants while short pruning is done on weaker plants. As for planting, this is done when the plants are dormant and therefore either in October or January / February. Before being planted we must remove the damaged ends of the roots through clean cuts. The roses must be buried at a depth of 3 to 5 centimeters in order to be protected from frosts.

Rose meaning: Singified rose

The Rose has long been the most appreciated flower, it is the flower of love and beauty, it is elegant both in shape and in its colors. It is used to declare oneself, to seduce, out of jealousy and out of revenge (for its thorns). In the Middle Ages the rose was the symbol of the Beloved Woman, in the Greco-Roman culture it is a symbol of love, fertility, beauty and spring. It expresses eroticism and desire, in fact it is said that Cleopatra had her palace adorned with rose petals to receive her lover Marco Antonio. In the Christian religion, the rose was initially despised because it was associated with the Romans, but later it became the symbol of survival from oppression. In the Renaissance it was associated with love and lovers, and it was also said that each recited rosary was a rose given to the Madonna. The meaning of roses also changes a lot according to their color. The red rose is a symbol of eternal love, passion and respect; the white rose indicates purity, peace, humility and innocence and above all virginity as it is linked to the Virgin Mary; the blue rose symbolizes mystery, trust and honesty; the yellow rose represents jealousy, friendship; the peach rose indicates appreciation and gratitude; the pink rose is that of weddings, it symbolizes sweetness, vanity, serenity and kindness. the peach rose indicates appreciation and gratitude; the pink rose is that of weddings, it symbolizes sweetness, vanity, serenity and kindness. the peach rose indicates appreciation and gratitude; the pink rose is that of weddings, it symbolizes sweetness, vanity, serenity and kindness.

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