Sliding gates

The advantages of sliding gates

The choice of the type of gate to be installed to protect and delimit one’s home or company is largely based on the aesthetic characteristics, but these are not the only ones to be taken into consideration: in particular for work structures, functionality is fundamental. , as well as an optimal use of the available space. Swing gates usually require ample space to be able to complete the entire opening arc, while sliding gates only require a lateral space equivalent to the size of the gate itself. The drive, mostly automatic, guarantees maximum ease of use and full exploitation of the available land. Sliding gates can also have more leaves, generally guaranteeing a greater opening possibility compared to swing gates, allowing the transit of even large vehicles easily. The practical advantages of sliding gates are combined with the possibility of selecting structures that are also able to satisfy from an aesthetic point of view: depending on the construction material, even sliding gates can have decorative elements that embellish the entire home and constitute an elegant one. and pleasant setting.

Sliding gates with wall support

The solidity and safety of the sliding gates is guaranteed by the system of guides placed on the ground that allow the correct movement of the structure, even if of large dimensions, as well as by the positioning of supports on the wall that offer further stability to the sliding gate. To date, the operating systems are varied and not all of them involve the installation of wall supports, which however remain among the most widespread and privileged solutions. The intervention, albeit slightly more invasive than the installation of self-supporting sliding gates, guarantees the maximum solidity of the gate even with the passage of time, despite exposure to bad weather and external environments and despite the wear and tear associated with frequent use. The wall supports, in fact, not only favor the correct movement, but they help to counteract any deformations that may arise over time. In any case, the sliding gates are made with different materials that are carefully treated to prevent the structure from being damaged despite exposure in outdoor spaces.

Self-supporting sliding gates

If you want to install sliding gates that are the least invasive possible on the fence and walls already present, you can opt for the installation of self-supporting gates. In this case, these are structures that do not require wall supports to ensure correct operation, but only require the positioning of the guide on the ground to allow lateral sliding. Self-supporting sliding gates usually have small dimensions and are made with light material, even if a good structure will be able to guarantee maximum efficiency and stability even on large dimensions. Depending on the size of the gate, the number of wheels will also vary, to ensure the stability of even the widest gates: fundamental, for the correct functioning, maintenance and cleaning of the guide positioned on the ground, which constitutes the main support and allows the movement of the structure. In this way, the wheels will not encounter obstacles and will avoid jams and malfunctioning of the gate itself, which could be damaged by the presence of obstacles.

Two-leaf sliding gates

Sliding gates are often identified as the ideal solution for companies or structures that need large entrances: their practicality, however, makes them increasingly popular even for private use. Usually, in this case, single-leaf gates are preferred, which still allow a wide opening, without requiring excessive lateral space for the completion of the opening movement. In some cases, however, and in particular for companies and production facilities, there may be a need for a wider opening, which, for example, allows the practical movement of heavy vehicles during the day. In this case it is possible to opt for a very wide sliding gate or for a sliding structure that has two opposite sliding doors: in this way it will be possible to enjoy maximum opening with the guarantee of a solid and compact structure, which does not require large free spaces to make opening arches but only the positioning of lateral guides and sufficient space to complete the lateral sliding of both doors. Double-leaf gates can be made of different materials, all of which are however able to guarantee maximum resistance and safety.

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