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Lose weight. At all costs and by any means, preferably quickly and easily. This is the catchphrase that has afflicted a large slice of the Western population for decades. After eating everything and binging on any food that came at hand, people who were overweight or with a few extra pounds began to pursue the myth of weight loss and slenderness that in this consumerist society is increasingly linked to the concept of perfection and beauty. . There is no doubt that maintaining a healthy weight is also a sign of health and well-being, but to stay slim and thin you need sacrifices, such as eating healthy and as much as you need and exercising. To accompany the slimming process you can use «adjuvant» products, such as herbal teas, decoctions and natural tablets. The latter are the most requested and the most sold, because they are more practical to take than other herbal formulations. Over the years, theSlimming tablets have also fueled a thriving business made up of products of dubious origin and sometimes even harmful. The tablets formulated to lose weight, be they natural or chemical, must absolutely be prescribed by a doctor and taken with the knowledge that alone they can do very little if a correct diet and correct physical activity are not combined.


The herbal slimming supplements are usually composed of a set of plant extracts reduced to powder and held together by colloidal substances added during a pressing and compression phase. In practice, these tablets look very similar to pharmaceutical ones, with the only difference that they may have a rougher appearance due to the absence of chemical dyes. The slimming tabletsthey may also contain natural sweeteners that do not affect the daily calorie count and can emit more or less pleasant odors, linked to the active ingredient used. To obtain these tablets, plant compounds in the form of dry extract are used, i.e. parts of plants dried and reduced to powder, the only ones that can be used in herbal formulations very similar to pharmaceutical tablets. The «slimming» effect of herbal tablets is expressed in different ways and based on the active ingredients contained in them. In this sense there are anti-hunger tablets, tablets that increase the sense of satiety, tablets that accelerate metabolism, tablets that increase lean or muscle mass and tablets that dissolve fat.

Anti-hunger tablets

The anti-hunger tablets contain natural carbohydrates that dampen the appetite allowing you to better resist the temptations of the palate. The anti-hunger tablets, unlike those that give a sense of satiety, satiate without filling the stomach and without swelling inside the intestinal walls. The anti-hunger tablets contain a derivative of soy lecithin and should be taken at least a couple of hours before meals, in order to digest and assimilate them before food. The reduction of appetite occurs, in fact, after having assimilated the tablet, while taking it shortly before meals would nullify its effect.

Tablets for the sense of satiety

The slimming tablets that increase the sense of satiety contain fiber-based plant extracts, that is, based on substances that swelling in the stomach give a sense of filling that pushes to introduce a smaller amount of food. It must be said that the effects of the tablets that increase the sense of satiety can very well be obtained by combining a good dose of whole grains and vegetables with each meal. In any case, the contextual intake of including for satiety, as part of a low-calorie diet, can help speed up the weight loss process. Among the herbal extracts contained in the tablets just mentioned we find glucomannan and guar gum. The first is a vegetable fiber obtained from the tuber of a perennial herbaceous species, while the second is a vegetable powder obtained from the root of a herbaceous plant native to India. These fibers are water-soluble, that is, they dissolve in water and once ingested through the tablets, they tend to dilate inside the stomach walls, giving a strong sense of satiety. In this sense, they can be considered excellent adjuvants in the path of slimming and maintaining a healthy weight.

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