Small pools

The good fortune to have a swimming pool in the garden

Those who have a garden often want to install a swimming pool. In fact, the pools, in addition to being indispensable for cooling off on hot summer days, are above all very suggestive to organize a cocktail with friends in the moonlight. The ideal would certainly be to have a lot of space available, to arrange a larger swimming pool, and possibly accessorize it with sun loungers and umbrellas. But small garden pools are within everyone’s reach. With a negligible investment, everyone, in their own home, can create a small corner of paradise. Small or large pools can be both underground and above ground. Among the latter, some models can be dismantled at the end of the season, allowing the recovery of the occupied space.

Small inground pools for a small garden

In very small gardens, the pools will be small in size. Inground pools differ in the material used in their construction. In fact, they can be made of concrete, steel, fiberglass or formworks. Their construction foresees the carrying out of an excavation of the measure a little wider than that foreseen for the swimming pool. The second phase involves the positioning of the structure inside the excavation, and the casting, all around it, of a reinforced concrete curb. The next phase is the installation of the filtering system consisting of pump, filter, electrical panel and connections to the pipes. Then we proceed to the pavement of the swimming pool by creating a slope towards the outside of it. The advantage of in-ground pools is to increase the value of the

Removable above ground garden pool ” width=”745″ height=”497″ longdesc=”/arredamento-giardino/piscine/piscine-piccole.asp”>When the pool must be positioned above ground, there are two different possibilities. They can be fixed, that is inserted in a prefabricated structure in wood, steel or polyester, or can be dismantled. The small pools removable can be rigid or inflatable. The big difference between these small pools lies above all in their cost. Fixed pools, both underground and above ground, will certainly have installation and maintenance costs far higher than those that can be dismantled. However, the latter are much more fragile and therefore do not have the duration of the fixed ones. The small pools above ground, both fixed and demountable, they are recommended where there are children, because being about 120 cm high above the ground there is no risk that they may accidentally fall into it.

Small garden pools do not require great efforts for their maintenance, however for a minimum of hygiene it is advisable to follow small precautions. First of all, to maintain a good quality of the water it is necessary to carry out the Chloridation, that is to stabilize the pH of the water, at the optimal level between 7 and 8, it is necessary to insert a chlorine granulate in the water, and a chlorine stabilizer. The optimal level of chlorine should be between 0.6 / 1 mg / l. Thanks to this care, the water is always kept sterilized. For those with a chlorine allergy, a hydrogen peroxide treatment can be used. Another very important thing is to periodically check the state of the filters, and possibly you notice a malfunction,

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