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Generally speaking of succulents we place them all on the same plane without any difference and, in reality, it is inappropriate to define them in this way. A more suitable term is “succulent plants”, this definition allows to identify them and to understand plants with similar characteristics but belonging to different genera and species. For succulents we mean all those plants that have the ability to absorb and accumulate liquids in their tissues. These types of plants grow in the areas of the Sahara and Gobi desert (Asia), in the slopes of the Chilean and Peruvian Andes, in the desert of Namibia and in the desert of Mexico. Their places of origin are arid places with high humidity, low rainfall, a lot of fog and dew. By virtue of what is written, if we want to cultivate and grow succulent seedlings,


The life and the state of health and development of the plant depend on the soil. An important thing to know is that succulents should never come into contact with water stagnation and root system rot, as they would risk weakening and damaging. All that is needed to prepare the ideal soil for these seedlings is a good soil based on peat and river sand. The peat contains organic substances and therefore ensures the plants the necessary food they need, while the sand ensures lightness to the soil in order to facilitate the flow of water and the transpiration of oxygen to the roots. If you want everything already prepared, you can buy some soil for succulents in garden shops (everyone should have it, but better go to the most well-stocked ones).

Soil for succulents: Preparation

The first thing to do before preparing the soil for these plants is to wash and sift the river sand. To perform this operation we use a bucket and strainers or sieves of various sizes, in this way we will obtain clean sand of different granulometry. Once the sand has been cleaned and the land has been purchased, you are ready for preparation. At this point we divide the “ingredients” into equal percentages and mix them. It is advisable to mix the products when the sand is slightly damp in order to obtain a more homogeneous mixture. There is a further method of soil preparation, we should obtain and use finely ground pumice stone, volcanic lapillus and pozzolan.

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