Sour cherries

How much to water

The varieties of classic and sweet cherries, of the Prunus avium species, are flanked by other types of cherries defined as acid, those of Prunus cerasus. These cherries differ from the sweet ones mainly for the flavor, linked to their particular degree of acidity. In the case of cultivation of Visciolo, it is possible to obtain a good cherry harvest even after three years from the planting of the young plant, the varieties of Prunus cerasus bear fruit rather quickly. To water the Visciole plant it is good practice to administer the right doses of water, preferably early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the sun goes down. It is advisable to wet the Visciolo in order to avoid water stagnation, the cause of fungal diseases of which it can easily get sick.


Visciolo is a variety of sour cherries that bear fruit rather quickly, as long as the plant is allowed to grow spontaneously. By limiting the pruning in the first two years, numerous flower buds will form on the branches which, starting from May of the third year, will begin to bear fruit. Cultivating sour cherries is simple, their plant is resistant and does not require special care. It will be enough to plant the young Visciolo in a sunny place, burying the roots in fertile soil, mixed with mature manure. It is a good rule to place a stake next to the plant, to help the roots consolidate and correct the growth trend of the stem. Since the production of Visciole increases rather quickly, in the fifth season it is advisable to proceed with light pruning to thin out the branches,

How to fertilize

The Visciolo like the other varieties of Prunus cerasus, produces many flowering buds already on the branches of one year, on which after two seasons, the bunches of May, groups of Visciole arranged in a tuft, will form. It is a plant that loves the sun, resists the cold and also tolerates long periods of drought, therefore it adapts easily to any climate, as confirmed by the many wild specimens. In case of cultivation, both for the harvest of sour cherries and for its ornamental value, it is good practice to fertilize the Visciolo at least once a year, in spring or autumn. To carry out the operation after flowering, it is necessary to use mature manure or manure, to promote the growth of the sour cherries and provide immediate nourishment, in the phase of fruit formation. While in the fall,

Sour cherries: Diseases and remedies

Visciolo diseases are the same adversities that affect sweet cherry plants. Infestations by aphids and cherry fly are frequent, but unlike the varieties of Prunus avium on which they often prove devastating, on Visciolo and on other sour cherry plants, the attacks resolve themselves naturally, without the use of insecticides. The most fearful diseases of the sour cherry plant are those linked to attacks by parasitic fungi that can even cause the plant to die. The sick Visciolo shows rameal cancers, the leaves are stained red and the fruits are yellowed and with strange swellings. To intervene it is necessary to administer the specific pesticides twice during the year,

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