Spirea ulmaria

Spirea ulmaria: general characteristics

Spirea ulmaria is a plant that is easy to find, in the form of isolated hedges, placed as an ornamental element in parks and gardens. Its small flowers, with a characteristic white color, make it very beautiful to look at. Few are aware, however, of its phytotherapeutic qualities. The spirea ulmaria belongs to the family Rosaceae. This plant is native to Southeast Asia, but today its diffusion touches vast areas of the Mediterranean. The spiree are shrubs with very thin stems. The height of these plants is variable and can be between 50 cm and 2 m. The leaves, of an intense green color, can be deciduous, lobed or toothed. Spirea blooms between the beginning and the middle of the spring season.

ulmaria against back pain” width=”745″ height=”591″ longdesc=”/erboristeria/fitoterapia/spirea-ulmaria.asp”>But what are the much vaunted properties of spirea ulmaria? In the fight against which ailments can it be used? Spirea ulmariahas a very large number of substances that bring benefits to the human body. Among the active principles of the plant we can mention: flavonoids, glucosides, coumarins, essential oil, tannins, rutin, mucilages and vitamin C. Thanks to the presence of these and many other substances, spirea ulmaria it has a diuretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, relaxing and tonic action. The plant is therefore used as an antibacterial, against dysmenorrhea and menstrual cramps, in the fight against muscle and joint pain, for some gastrointestinal disorders and in the fight against colds and flu. It seems very useful in fighting cellulite blemishes.

Spirea ulmaria: uses

But how is spirea ulmaria used? First it must be said that the parts of the plant that are used in herbal medicine are the flowering tops and the flowers. Spirea ulmaria can be taken in the form of dry extract, mother tincture and herbal tea. The dry extract is commercially available as a nebulizer and each tablet contains approximately 169 mg of product. As for the dosage it is recommended not to ingest more than three capsules per day. The mother tincture is prepared with the flowering tops of the fresh plant, which must be left to macerate for three weeks in an alcoholic solution of 65 °. Take forty drops of spirea ulmaria tincture no more than three times a day. The herbal tea should be prepared with hot, not boiling water and can be consumed no more than twice a day.

Spirea ulmaria: contraindications

Are there any contraindications or side effects in using spirea ulmaria? In reality, the toxicity of this plant is very low, and for this reason the undesirable effects, if the correct dosage of the product is followed, are really rare. It must be specified that the use of spirea ulmaria can cause allergies in particularly sensitive subjects. Furthermore, products based on this plant must not be used in conjunction with anticoagulant drugs or drugs containing sodium salicylate. Taking spirea ulmaria is strictly prohibited during pregnancy and lactation. The presence of salicylic acid, in fact, can be particularly harmful for the fetus and the newborn and can cause even serious allergies.

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