Spring flowers

Spring flowers for pots

Spring, if it were not for respiratory problems and various allergies, would be the most awaited season, thanks to the miracle of nature that is renewed every year, bringing liveliness and joy to our homes and gardens. But let’s see which are the spring flowers for pots, easier to keep at home and then pour them into pots to store on the balconies. On the podium we certainly find the daisies, closely followed by the pansies (a symbol of love much used and given by lovers). Perhaps not everyone knows that viola has a very delicate, almost mint flavor, which chefs have also learned to use in the kitchen in salads, fruit-based dishes and desserts. In the attached photo, the splendid image of some pansies.

Spring flowers photo

The scent and beauty of spring flowers are a real pleasure for the eyes and for the mood. The undisputed symbol of this season is certainly the daisy, which we can see in public gardens and also on balconies, as it is a rather resistant flower that does not need much care. The thought of the daisies used by lovers to verify, based on the number of petals, the reciprocity of a love makes you smile. The “loves me, loves me not” is now a classic in which everyone, at least once in their life, has tried their hand at. This flower usually blooms around May and lasts until late September. Daisies love the sun, therefore, a balcony that is particularly exposed to sunlight would be ideal. If you want to know something more you can take a look on the web,photos of spring flowers and other news on how to grow them.

Spring flowers photos

If you want to have your balcony in bloom before spring arrives, you need to sow a few weeks beforehand. You can initially grow them at home and therefore enjoy the color and beauty of potted flowers, placing the seeds in fertile soil and then transferring them, later, to gardens or pots arranged on balconies. Spring flowers need sun for many hours during the day and to be watered whenever, when touching the ground, we see it very dry. Keeping them at home, they will become a very refined and elegant element of your furniture, and will perfume the environment in a natural way. On the balconies they will be a beautiful sight for the human eye, but also an attraction for animals such as butterflies, which will rest on your flowers,

Spring Flowers: Pictures of spring flowers

Spring is the season of flowers: receiving a bouquet of spring flowers can brighten even the saddest day. In addition, spring flowers are also the most used on the occasion of communions, weddings, etc., as a symbol of purity and love. If you have a little imagination and a green thumb, in spring in many Italian cities competitions are held in which flowered balconies compete. The most beautiful are rewarded, so what better time to put your imagination and that green thumb asleep during the winter months to good use? Seeing the historic centers (where balconies are usually set up) is one of the most evocative images of spring flowers at this time of year. No framework of

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