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In Herbal Medicine: St. John’s Wort essential oil

Hypericum essential oil can be easily purchased in herbalist shops, in the most well-stocked pharmacies and also from online retailers, now more and more numerous. It is found in more or less pure concentrations, depending on the need for which it is applied and in convenient packs to use. However, if you know a place to find fresh St. John’s Wort flowers, this oil can also be easily prepared at home, by infusing the fresh flowers in a glass jar with olive oil or sunflower oil, letting them macerate. the mixture for about a month in the sunlight. After this time, it is necessary to filter the contents of the jar and what is obtained from the long maceration is the concentrated essential oil of Hypericum, ready to use and certainly pure.

Uses and properties of St. John’s wort essential oil

Hypericum essential oil can have different uses: it can be used for treatments on burns, wounds and serious lessons but also for more localized problems such as skin imperfections of different types. In case of burn injuries of low and medium severity, St. John’s Wort essential oil is applied directly to the affected area, thus blocking the onset of painful and unsightly blisters and carrying out an antibacterial action that is essential in the regeneration process of skin cells. This oil finds other effective applications in the treatment of stretch marks, acne scars and other skin imperfections, but it also has soothing properties on sunburn and erythema.

Other curiosities about St. John’s Wort essential oil

Hypericum essential oil therefore acts as a protective barrier that allows the healing and regeneration process of the skin, in fact it is considered a real beauty treatment. If it is used on injuries or burn wounds, during the administration period, it is advisable not to expose the affected part to direct sunlight, as it can give vent to photosensitivity phenomena in particularly predisposed subjects. However, except for this small attention, there is no particular precaution or contraindication to the use of this precious natural ally, it is however recommended (as it would be good to do for each new element that comes into contact with the body), to make sure of the presence of any allergies before using the

St. John’s Wort Oil: Latest from St. John’s Wort essential oil

Hypericum essential oil is one of those remedies to always have at home, also useful for simple cracks in the hands caused by cold or manual work or for insect bites. A single component for a thousand very useful uses. Easy to use, to find, to make at home and also economical. A fundamental element to be given the utmost importance is to make sure that the product you are using is pure and not diluted with any chemical component, the effectiveness and credibility of a completely natural product which in itself is already sufficiently powerful is at stake. Hypericum can be found practically everywhere, so much so that in America it is considered a weed, so if you are in a sunny place, on the edge of a road or in an uncultivated land and you see yellow flowers,

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