Stone garden fountains

The garden fountains

The idea of ​​installing a stone fountain in the garden is always very popular because it also furnishes open spaces and is always beautiful to look at. Moreover, today there are many different models on the market that adapt to both classic homes, such as fountains formed by statues inspired by Greek mythology, but also more modern, linear and minimalist models, which adapt to more contemporary homes. Even the dimensions, as well as the shapes and the materials, vary a lot, and there are small but very beautiful fountains, to be installed in small gardens to create suggestive corners even if you do not have large spaces available. The stone garden fountains can be wall mounted, ideal for smaller rooms, or to be installed in the center of the available space.

The classic style garden stone fountains, which are also inspired by Greek mythology and have statues both in the central part from which the water gushes and positioned around the pool to reproduce beautiful scenes, are very well suited to period villas, in the center of large gardens characterized by stone cobblestone paths, rose gardens and centuries-old plants. Fountains of this type are generally made of natural stone such as marble or granite. Sometimes instead of the statues that reproduce divinities there are angels or animals such as lions or fish and the water that comes out of their mouth cascades from different tanks positioned on several levels up to the larger one at the lower level. The fountains with a statue in the center and only a large basin to collect water are also widely used.

Wall fountains

Very often the garden stone fountains are designed and built in small shapes to be positioned on the wall, adapting to more or less confined spaces, without losing their beauty and charm. In fact, the choice basically depends on the type of garden available, the spaces and the style chosen, which should always be coordinated with the rest of the home. Contemporary style fountains are characterized by minimalist lines, very simple but effective or they reproduce stones and rocks to create a very suggestive and natural waterfall effect. This type of fountain, which can be placed on special pedestals or on the ground, adapts very well to trendy homes, characterized by a very linear and simple style and natural materials such as wood,

Stone garden fountains: Maintenance and cleaning of garden stone fountains

Choosing stone as a material for garden fountains means choosing a durable or resistant material that nevertheless requires a certain care and maintenance to be preserved over time, maintaining a beautiful and well-kept appearance. Some types of stones, more delicate than others, could in fact be affected by the effects of atmospheric events or strong temperature changes. It would therefore be advisable to cover the stone fountains in periods of non-use, such as in the winter, and every six months to empty it of water and clean the internal walls to avoid the formation of algae or mold that could ruin it over time. Even the pipes through which the water flows should be regularly cleaned to avoid limescale deposits.

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