Stone planters

The planters

Those who want to make their garden more beautiful and appreciable will resort to truly unique and particular furnishing choices. One element that needs to be emphasized in home gardens is the planter. It can be of various shapes and sizes as well as being made of various materials. The one we recommend for a noteworthy garden is the stone planter, as the latter is a natural material that combines well with the characteristics of the garden. Depending on the position in which it is to be inserted, it is necessary to choose different sizes so as not to alter the natural balance of the garden itself. The choice of plants to be inserted inside can be requested from a nurseryman,


The stone, as already mentioned above, is a natural element that is not affected by the various changes in temperature, it is a material that lasts over time, leaving its beauty unchanged. Furthermore, stones of various colors can be used ranging from white to pink to black depending on the predominant colors of your garden. We must remember that the planter can be made either with polished stone, or by leaving the raw material to give a different touch to your garden. Among other things, since it is a natural material, it is possible to ask a craftsman for the shape as well as the color and type of processing you want in order to be fully happy with the purchase.

How to make them

This type of planter is made starting from a single large block of stone which is worked in various ways using a series of specific tools. Starting from the single block it is possible to obtain a planter of various shapes ranging from simple, rectangular or square ones, to more complex ones that see the creation of real works of art with wavy edges and different geometric shapes. Sometimes the realization of particular shapes has a negative influence on the capacity, it is possible to find masterpieces in which only small plants will enter.

Pros and cons

Buying this type of planter is an investment for life. In fact, the stone planter is a classic that never sets despite the constant change in gardening fashions. Although the material is simple, it will always be able to leave people amazed who will see it embellishing any type of garden. However, it must also be remembered that the stone needs maintenance in the long run. Just think that if it is not washed often it could take on a greenish color due to the appearance of small plant species on its surface. This problem can be solved by using simple brushes that combined with plenty of water can easily eliminate any trace of green.

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