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The importance of garden furniture at home and in the city

When it comes to furniture, our thoughts automatically go to the house and its rooms, but on a few occasions we are able to associate this word with outdoor environments. Furnishing the home environment is in fact a very pleasant and fun activity that requires a certain amount of creativity and good taste, it is no coincidence that on the market there are a wide range of magazines and periodicals dedicated entirely to the subject. However, when we move towards the external areas, it is different, as if to assume that particular care and dedication is not required to insert furniture elements within a green area. Nothing could be more wrong, of course: furnishing a garden should not be considered a secondary activity because, just like for domestic environments,

Public gardens, when street furniture makes the difference

The discussion becomes even more important and delicate when we shift our attention to street furniture. The reason is simple: a park or a garden in the public domain must be able to accommodate more people and satisfy an aesthetic taste that goes far beyond that belonging to the person in charge of designing it, but must indeed be able to combine in a single shot of aesthetics and functionality. Let’s not forget that the gardens in cities, large or small they may be, must be able to accommodate both adults and children in the best possible way, often even pets. The elements that make up the street furniture of a garden are many and very different from each other, and also for this reason they are difficult to combine together:

A thousand ideas for the urban design of public gardens

Inside a garden you can find a bit of everything: in addition to green areas, of course, then flower beds, trees, bushes, plants and flower boxes, to other very useful elements for those who frequent the place: bike racks, baskets for the garbage, benches, tables, up to the children’s games, then slides, swings, houses, climbing ropes, and much more. Urban garden furniture is very important because it affects an environment that will be frequented in any season, in summer and in winter, therefore it must always be perfectly functional and suitable for everyone, young and old, and obviously it must be made in full compliance with current regulations. Imagining an area equipped with games for children, for example,

Urban furniture: Other beautiful and useful elements for garden decoration

Compared to a decade ago, it is possible to come across more varied, colorful and fun urban garden furniture, just think of the types of games for children on the market today: in addition to being more imaginative and aesthetically surprising, modern children’s games for use in public gardens or small green areas in municipalities are also much safer. In addition to the games and flower beds, however, the urban furniture designed for gardens includes many other purely decorative elements, which simply serve to make the surrounding environment as pleasant as possible and to improve it from an aesthetic point of view: just think of the fountains, both small and large, which can be decorative or used to supply drinking water to quench your thirst on the hottest days.

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