Sun-resistant plants

Sun-resistant plants

If our terrace is exposed to the sun all day, we can grow flowering plants that are resistant to high temperatures. In nature we find plants with very colorful flowers that come from hot climates, such as succulents. If we prefer to choose plants that give us very colorful and more ornamental flowers, there is the Lantana which comes from Central America. It is an evergreen plant that must be exposed to the sun and gives us not too large flowers, orange and yellow, from June to October. Watering must be regular, but it also bears periods of drought. If we prefer a climbing plant we can orient ourselves towards the Solana, coming from Brazil, it produces white flowers and should be planted in intense light, the vigorous flowering is from June to September.

Growing in the apartment

Summer has arrived and with it the torrid climate, do we want to grow plants indoors without suffering from the heat and intense light? There is no need to worry, nature comes to our aid. Sansevieria is a very beautiful plant, ideal for those who are beginners and forget to take care of the plants. The sanseviera is a plant that should be placed in areas with a lot of light, it should be watered once a month even in summer as it does not like moist soil. The sanseviera has the gift of purifying the environment where it resides, for this reason it is suitable for closed environments. The sanseviera can be up to one meter high and has green leaves variegated with white and spadiform. In spring summer, it gives us white flowers and their fragrance is intense at night, it has a very slow growth.

Sunny balcony plants

Plants from warm climates do not require special care, the only precaution is that they are not exposed to winter winds. Normally this type of plants has a very colorful, fragrant and lasting flowering. Of this species we remember the bougainvillea that offers us stupendous spectacles in the moment of its flowering, the cerulean passionflower also called, thorn of Christ, for the shape of its flower, also very colorful and from whose fruit a delicious jam is obtained. Generally they are climbing plants, coming from Brazil or Central America. Finally we cannot forget the tropical fruit plants, the coconut palm, the cocoa, the papaya. Some of these plants can also live safely in our gardens or on our terraces,

Aromatic plants

All those plants that help us in the kitchen are part of the group of aromatic plants, giving our dishes a particular flavor and aroma. Aromatic plants can be grown both indoors and on the balcony or terrace and should be exposed to direct sun. The most resistant to the very hot climate is rosemary, it grows like a bush if placed on the ground, it gives an intense aroma, followed by thyme and oregano. They need very little space so their cultivation can also take place in pots, harvested in summer and dried, they can be eaten in winter. Some have the characteristic, not to be overlooked, of warding off mosquitoes which in the summer are the number one enemy of each of us. Do not forget the basil, a plant with very fragrant leaves and an unmistakable flavor.

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