Sunflower tattoo

The sunflower in the collective imagination

The sunflower is one of the most loved flowers: probably because its delicate petals are able to convey the vitality that only yellow can release. Painters, poets and artists have always been inspired by the aura of energy from which sunflowers are surrounded: just think of the famous painting by Van Gogh or the composition by Montale. The language of flowers entrusts the sunflower with multiple meanings: in fact, due to this characteristic it can be given as a gift on the most disparate occasions. Its versatility is also reflected in the world of tattoos, which has made the meanings of botany its own. Surely if you are thinking of tattooing a sunflower, you want to impress a vital and positive message on your skin, which can give your existence a ray of light.

The legends about the sunflower

In popular tradition there are many stories related to the sunflower. One of these tells of its genesis and originates in the Greek world. According to this legend, Clizia, a young girl in love with the god Apollo, was not reciprocated in her feelings; the girl, unable to approach the object of her desire, followed the god every day moving in the sky while he was intent on carrying the sun with his chariot. Given Clizia’s dedication, Apollo decided to turn the girl into a flower. From this story it is possible to understand the origin of its name: in search of warmth and life, the sunflower can also symbolize unhappy love. According to the Aztecs, however, this flower was a good omen, since it carried within itself the fecundity and prosperity of the crops.

Why choose a sunflower tattoo?

The decision to get a sunflower tattoo embodies several meanings. First, it is a positive affirmation. With the energy that it is able to give off, this flower is an excellent example of attachment to life, as well as a deep love for one’s roots: sunflower tattoos are often done as a tribute to a member of one’s family. Furthermore, it can be an auspicious symbol: in the hope of attracting wealth and happiness to yourself, the idea of ​​adorning your body with this tattoo could have positive effects on your existence, as if, with the strength that the sunflower contains. in itself, it could infect you too. A great receptacle of life and positivity, this flower has the ability to orient itself towards the sun’s rays: it may perhaps help you too to find the

Sunflower tattoo: The sunflower tattoo: a matter of personality

The choice of a tattoo must also be based on the type of personality you have. The sunflower is suitable for those who are endowed with great vitality and are able to indulge their own creative vein. The energetic charge of this flower brings luck to those who are optimistic and live life to the full, following the logic of “carpe diem”, without ever losing the pleasure of having new experiences. Not only that: in fact, even everyday life must be a renewable source of joy with its habits. So, if you want to give free rein to your happiness, proudly proclaiming your love for life and nature, do not hesitate and contact your trusted tattoo artist, so that he can prepare a custom-made design for you: the right tattoo for you, so warm and enthusiasts, it is undoubtedly a sunflower.

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