Sunflower tattoos

The sunflower origins and characteristics

This imposing and showy flower, which can reach up to three meters in height, is native to South America where it was considered a symbol of the Sun God for its appearance and for the heliotropic movement that distinguishes it. It was imported from Peru to Spain and quickly spread throughout Europe. During the Victorian period it was a widely used image to decorate fabrics and metals and Oscar Wilde chose the sunflower as a symbol of his movement, in fact there are countless cartoons of the time that combine the figure of the writer of Irish origins with this flower. Currently that of the sunflower is an image used to decorate T-shirts, furniture, glasses and … the body, many in fact choose the sunflower, so colorful and pleasant, as a symbol to be tattooed.

The meaning of a tattoo that symbolizes one or more sunflowers

The large and showy sunflower is suitable for people who are particularly sunny, outgoing and easily attract attention to themselves. Those who choose to carry a symbol of this type on their skin reveal a lot about their personality: they are probably a person who does not let themselves be beaten down by bad things and who loves to live in the present by seizing the moment. More sunflowers tattooed symbolize trust and deep relationships; two of these flowers can be the metaphors of a lasting friendship or it can be the memory of a missing person that we always want to carry with us, despite the fact that he is no longer there.

The sunflower in the language of flowers

It is synonymous above all with optimism, it represents determination and strength even when things do not go as we wish.The sunflower brings a ray of light and vitality into the day of the people to whom it is given and for this reason it is chosen as a flower to give as a gift. to people on the mend: to remind them that they are about to come out of a difficult period and that things will soon get better. It is also associated with the successes achieved after great sacrifices and for this reason it is a flower that is given for graduations. the legend the flower was born from the love of the nymph Clizia for the sun god Apollo; the nymph spent her days admiring the beautiful Apollo who, however, did not reciprocate her feelings and transformed her into a sunflower, for this reason the flower is also associated with

Sunflower Tattoos: The sunflower in art

There are many artists who have chosen to portray a particular flower such as the sunflower, among them the Frenchman Paul Gaugin, the impressionist Claude Monet and Van Dyck who in his famous self-portrait has chosen to insert a huge sunflower. But the most widespread and well-known figurative works of art dedicated to the sunflower are certainly those created by Vincent Van Gogh between 1888 and 1889; it is a series of oil-painted canvases depicting a variable number of sunflowers in bloom or tending to wither. Even in the world of music we find traces of this flower in the songs: “Girasole” by Giorgia, “Gira gira girasol” by the Chilean singer-songwriter Victor Jara, “Le tournesol” by the Greek singer Nina Mouskouri. He is currently a figure widely used by tattoo artists.

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