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Having a garden often leads us to think of new solutions to have fun during the summer season.

In case you haven’t thought about it yet, one of the best options is to buy a swimming pool, which makes everyone happy, from children to adults.

Obviously, the choice of a swimming pool must be evaluated with scrupulous attention and a wealth of details, since you have to do the math well, especially as regards the space it will occupy in relation to the area we have in order to install it.

Precisely in relation to the space, you can decide to focus on an inground pool rather than an above ground pool.

In the first case, you will have to deal with the fulfillment of a series of practices concerning the excavations to be carried out in the garden, for which the authorization of the Municipality of belonging must be obtained.

When, on the other hand, you choose an above ground pool, the space occupied is relatively limited and, above all, it can be disassembled and stored indoors during the colder season.

Obviously, each type of pool undoubtedly has advantages and disadvantages, but it will be advisable to choose the model that comes closest to satisfying our needs and, subsequently, preferences.


Furnishing a swimming pool is certainly not a complicated operation, even if before proceeding with the purchase of the various options it is always advisable to draw up a budget beyond which you will not be able to go.

In this way, we will have an accurate idea of ​​the amount we are able to spend to make our pool corner as comfortable and elegant as possible, always taking into account your preferences and needs.

For example, we may need to buy some pool chairs, to be placed in the immediate vicinity: these objects must always be coated with materials that are impermeable to water and that do not get dirty too easily.

To purchase furniture to complete your pool area, you can refer to centers specialized in this sale, especially for outdoor furniture.

Many times, when furnishing a swimming pool, it is essential to take into great consideration the aesthetic style already present for the rest of the furniture that is in the garden: in this case, it is always better to follow a common line, also as regards the materials. and the colors of the objects.

Certainly, the size of your pool corner will also influence the choices and priorities of the objects to be purchased, especially in search of comfort.


Often those who own a swimming pool realize some particular needs which, at the time when the swimming pool was purchased, had not been taken into consideration.

This explains the reason why the need to do everything at hand, or at least the most important things, oblige us to make some purchases to make our pool better and, consequently, our own pool corner equipped with every comfort.

One of the most popular accessories in this sector is certainly represented by the ladder, which is used to get into the pool and get back up without getting hurt.

Nowadays, even pool showers represent an extremely useful and widespread element: thanks to this accessory, in fact, there is the possibility of entering the water without dirtying it.

In recent times, showers have acquired such an important role, to the point of being made with a large number of materials, making available to customers a whole series of interesting alternatives, also in terms of design.

We must also not forget how the trampoline can be a useful and important accessory, especially from the point of view of fun, always taking into account the depth that characterizes a swimming pool.

milan swimming pool: maintenance

We know that paying attention to the state of our pool even in that period when we are not using it is essential to be able to keep it as long as possible.

Of course, there are several operations, such as checking the level of chlorine present in the water, the ph. The water purification activity or the filtering of the same, which can never take a back seat, since they are considered essential to ensure a good conservation of the pool we have.

By paying particular attention to the type of pool we have, in fact, we will be able to guarantee an effective and long-lasting conservation over time.

For example, if you have an in-ground swimming pool available, you will have to bear rather high maintenance costs, since you need to clean it and always keep it in excellent condition.

This explains the reason why it is necessary to be careful when we decide to buy a swimming pool, so as not to find ourselves later when we have to support maintenance operations with expenses that are too high for our financial capabilities.

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