Swimming pool with whirlpool

The search for relaxation

The world we live in is going through a particular historical period: we are at the turn of two millennia, in the midst of an economic upheaval that is undermining some of the certainties on which individuals and companies were aiming. And in all this, a particular trend has already dominated for about ten years, namely that of continuous stress between work and post-work life. The causes are manifold, and range both from the elevation of production and working rhythms (to increase efficiency, in the words of managers) and from the exponential increase in the commitments we make or impose on us. This also affects daily life, because even the time we spend at home with our family seems to us to be lost and unused time to produce something. If we stop and think, it is an absurd concept that is undermining the emotional and psychological stability of all of us; you can already see in the traffic that is created and in the inconvenience following the fact that we are all running, from the nervousness and constant alertness that we experience even when we queue at the post office or at the checkout of a supermarket. The level of stress is therefore skyrocketing, and proof of this are those psychosomatic diseases that are arising precisely as a result of this. Among all this stress it is obvious that we are absolutely looking for a glimmer of relaxation; there are those who go to download doing a physical sporting activity, those who dedicate themselves to hobbies (such as gardening, which we talk about extensively in various sections of our site), who prefer to rest or sleep even to completely switch off. The methods are varied,

The swimming pool and the massage

Two of the best and most popular antidotes for stress “poison” are definitely the pool and massage, let’s see why. First of all we think that it will not take any complicated market research to understand that many people would like to find on their return home, perhaps in a late afternoon, a swimming pool all to themselves, placed there in the garden of the house and absolutely ready to welcome them to “wash away ”that stress that grips mind and body. It is a dream, something that we all imagine since childhood and that we would like to achieve at any cost, even if it is a bit difficult anyway because the necessary conditions are varied; the positive effect, however, is almost unparalleled, because a serene bath in a personal and much desired pool is one of those simple things that really connects us to the real world, cutting the bridges with the stressful job for at least a few hours. From other market researches, however, another fact has come out that is surprising: both among the people who have already tried it and among those who have never lived this experience yet, the massage turns out to be among the first things you want after. a stressful day of work and / or commitments. We say surprising both because it is something required and desired even by people who have never tried a professional massage, and above all because this is a practice that is not native to our Western culture: massage is native to Eastern cultures, where it has a millenary tradition. and it is also a real life discipline. It has almost miraculous benefits in terms of neuromuscular relaxation, which is then reflected back to the central nervous system to relieve symptoms of stress. Well, what can combine these two healing practices against stress? A hydromassage pool.

The swimming pool with whirlpool

Let’s say immediately that the hydromassage is a particular form of massage that sees the use of water instead of the hands of the masseur. Precisely for this reason, the ideal place for a whirlpool is a small swimming pool or a tub. There are indoor models, usually positioned in the bathroom and which see the use of various great technologies. Today, however, we would talk about the actual swimming pool, which is also equipped with a whirlpool service. The models in which we can find it are essentially two: the swimming pool with exclusive hydromassage service and the swimming pool with attached hydromassage corner. The first is in practice a whirlpool tub already mentioned, only slightly larger and positioned outside the house, it is a solution for those who may have little outdoor space and also a not very large internal bathroom, but we confess that it is not a real swimming pool. The second solution is instead spectacular and multifunctional, because it combines the benefits of a classic swimming pool with those of the hydromassage corner, usually with a shallower bottom and with supports that allow ergonomic relaxation during practice.


Swimming pools with hydromassage corner are certainly more expensive than those without this solution, due to both the added technology present and the advertising effect it has. The internet offers the best and fastest catalog listing that can be found on this subject.

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