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When we are about to buy a swimming pool, we must take into consideration above all the space we have available in the garden to be able to place it.

Certainly, in the event that you have an overall limited space, then it is advisable to buy a type of above ground pool, which will be able to clutter up as little as possible and represent a valid solution for fun in the summer season.

If, on the other hand, you have a rather large plot of land and you have the possibility of building an inground pool, then you must necessarily take into account the goodness of the inground pools.

The inground pools certainly represent the best you can ask for from the point of view of elegance and from an aesthetic point of view, since they are incorporated into a pool positioned after careful excavations.

In the latter case, however, it is necessary to obtain authorizations to be able to start excavating: for this reason, it is evident that one must go to the municipality to fulfill all the necessary procedures for this purpose.

An inground swimming pool, if it proves better from an aesthetic point of view, also has some disadvantages, such as rather high maintenance costs, even if they are extremely necessary to keep it in the best possible state.


Not only maintenance, since all those spaces in which the outdoor swimming pools are located are characterized, in most cases, by being the hub of entertainment and summer afternoons.

Precisely for this reason, it is often indicated to create a real pool corner, which can boast a beautiful furniture and solutions that are always innovative and original.

Certainly, in case you intend to furnish your pool corner with simple and common deckchairs, we will have to pay some attention in their purchase, especially as regards the material with which they are coated, checking that it is waterproof against the water.

In the same way, the fact of placing cushions on the pool deck chairs is certainly a rather widespread furnishing taste, but we must not forget how these objects must always be made with waterproof materials, which can easily resist. and without problems with splashes coming from the pool, without getting damaged in the slightest.

Of course, organizing a pool corner is completely at the discretion of the owner of this space, who often wants to have all the options and comforts at hand.


Often the pool becomes a meeting place and fun, especially during the summer, where there is the opportunity to spend many hours outdoors and take a few baths in the pool.

For this reason, during the summer we could spend several hours in our pool corner and we feel the need to equip ourselves by purchasing all those accessories that can make this space truly complete and equipped with every comfort.

This explains why the ladder, for example, turns out to be one of the best-selling accessories.

Swimming pool accessories can be purchased with relative ease in all those specialized shops or at the largest shopping centers, where you can also find areas, especially during the summer season, where inflatable pools and other accessories are sold.

In any case, the choice of pool accessories is always quite varied, given that a large number of alternatives are now offered and the customer is, in most cases, only spoiled for choice in front of so many possibilities. to enrich and make your swimming pools or the area where it has been installed more complete.

swimming pools rome: maintenance

Especially during the winter season, we realize that several adjustments are necessary to keep your pool in order.

Perfect maintenance is necessary above all to give your pool an excellent level of protection against atmospheric agents which, especially during the winter season, could give more of a bore to the owner of the structure.

In the event that an inground swimming pool is available, then one of the main possibilities of use is also given by the construction of a cover that allows its use even during the winter.

In this case, it will be necessary to install a water heating system that also increases the temperature of the entire environment in which the pool is inserted.

The inground pool can also be equipped with various elements that are useful for carrying out a perfect and accurate maintenance of the pool.

Experts always recommend paying particular attention to chlorine, pH regulation and filtering: if you take care of these three aspects, then you can keep your pool in the best possible way.

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