Symbology flowers

Florigraphy, or symbolism of flowers

a curious aspect is that this same process has not been fully reasoned and planned: for some flowers the meaning was already written in the pages of history. Taking a trivial example, fourteenth-century French literature already used the topus of the red rose as a symbol of passionate love, and the white rose as chastity and loyalty. It was therefore more than easy to assign these to their proper meaning.

Roses in the symbolism of flowers

As already mentioned before, roses, known all over the world and appreciated on a large scale, constitute a case in themselves. Very often this flower is automatically associated with festivals of western origin such as Valentine’s Day, the recurrence of which reaches the maximum sales peak of roses. It is said that in Los Angeles alone there are more than 100,000 red roses sold by florists! Not many, however, actually know what this flower really means: each subtle nuance has its value and its meaning. And not only that, because in this case also the number of roses given plays an important role in the symbolism of the flowers. A single rose would mean love at first sight, while two roses as a gift symbolize the beginning of falling in love; three roses should be given in the first month of engagement, the lack of a partner is expressed with the half dozen. With nine roses we communicate a desire to be together forever, while the famous dozen is the declaration of eternal love.

The colors in the symbolism of flowers

while yellow varies depending on the recipient. If you want to give a yellow flower to a friend, this takes on the meaning of deep friendship, of affection; if on the contrary, you give it to your partner (yellow roses in the first place) you are communicating a feeling of jealousy, of betrayal.

Flower Symbology: Other meanings in flower symbolism

Looking around, one quickly begins to notice how some flowers are extremely recurrent in certain situations: the calla lilies, for example, are almost omnipresent at every wedding celebration.In addition to the already explained white color, which symbolizes purity and chastity, there is also an intrinsic element of rebirth: with this flower a new life is started, a positive turning point for something different but certainly better. Anemone takes on a particular meaning of distance, abandonment; it is given as a gift when you want to communicate to the person that you have noticed his little attention, and that you want a new approach. The lily says «you are my queen», brings back to the idea of ​​a proud and strong woman, of an intellectually level The iris brings good tidings, awakens the

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