Synthetic hedge

Synthetic hedge: when to choose it

The first thing to do before going to the dedicated stores is to understand which type of synthetic hedge is right for us. The synthetic hedge is a wonderful solution to guarantee privacy and, which never hurts, favor the aesthetics of the places. Hedges, for example, can be used around swimming pools to protect us from prying eyes and ensure the right amount of greenery and nature even where, perhaps, it is not possible for us to grow them. Another option concerns balconies and terraces, perhaps in the city. Who among us does not know the inconvenience created by the condominium rules or by the problems that arise from the cultivation of plants! With the synthetic hedge it is also possible to overcome the inconveniences of “condominium life” by ensuring maximum privacy and greenery.

The synthetic hedge for fences and fences

One of the most popular uses of the synthetic hedge is certainly that of fences and borders. In this way it is possible to define the property spaces without having to give up aesthetic taste. The synthetic hedge, in fact, is able to create lines of green, like what happens with natural hedges, but, compared to these, it offers a series of further advantages. These plastic hedges, in fact, do not suffer from bad weather and atmospheric agents and do not require maintenance and care. Another aspect not to be overlooked and linked to the autonomy that characterizes the synthetic hedge is the lack of use of pesticides. In this way we will guarantee our loved ones and our pets greater safety and freedom: our children will be very happy and free to play outdoors!

The synthetic hedge: which one to choose?

Choosing a synthetic hedge in the mare magnum from those on the market is certainly not an easy thing. The first operation to be carried out undoubtedly concerns the exact measurement of the available spaces. Going to the shops with clear ideas is essential, also to avoid being overwhelmed! There are many types of synthetic hedges. Almost all are in PVC and are presented on extendable rollers, if flat, or compacted into blocks if three-dimensional. If your intention is to cover gates or fences, you should opt for the former. If, on the other hand, you deem it appropriate to recreate a real corner of green and simulate the presence of vegetation and hedge trees, the solution that is right for you is certainly the polidimensional one. In any case, if you have the lawn available,

Synthetic hedge: foliage and features

The purpose of a synthetic hedge, in addition to being to ensure privacy and discretion, is certainly also to ensure a scenic and tasteful effect. Taking this need into account, the synthetic hedge producers have varied their offer over the years. All this has led to the present presence of species that almost equalize options in nature. These are foliage made of synthetic material, in the vast majority of cases PVC, which, sometimes, are accompanied by inflorescences or real flowers. Depending on your tastes, for example, it will be possible to choose the classic ivy, laurel or boxwood. Each of the latter is available in several shades, depending on whether you prefer a more or less intense wood effect. If, on the other hand, an uneven color spot is preferred, the

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