Tall evergreen hedges

Type of plants to create tall evergreen hedges

The need to have tall evergreen hedges arises not only from the need to delimit the boundaries of a garden or park, but also from the desire not to be disturbed by prying eyes or simply to find shelter from the wind. Hedge plants can reach different heights depending on the type and variety: tall hedgesthey can reach up to three meters in height and are generally made up of evergreen plants suitable for guaranteeing optimal coverage even in the winter months and good resistance to low temperatures. Among the best plants to create hedges of this type we find cypress, laurel, yew, hornbeam but also holm oak or eucalyptus. These are very resistant plants that grow in height reaching even 10 meters, overcome the harsh winters well and form very dense and lush hedges.

Hornbeam hedges

Carpinus betulus, known as hornbeam, belongs to the Betulaceae family and is an evergreen plant that resembles a large shrub. It is characterized by small light green leaves and can reach 10 meters in height. It is often used to create tall evergreen hedges due to its low cost and its yield: in fact, one plant every meter is enough to form a dense hedge. It resists very well to harsh winters, withstanding even sub-zero temperatures, and does not require special care or maintenance. The hornbeam plant grows neatly and needs only one pruning per year. The small leaf and the dense branching make it suitable to be pruned with different shapes, square or rounded, always appearing elegant and refined.

Laurel hedge

The tall evergreen hedge made up of laurel plants is probably the best known and most used. Laurel is a typically Mediterranean plant, very resistant and easy to grow. It guarantees a green, dense and luxuriant hedge even in winter, requires little care and maintenance as well as rather scarce irrigation. In addition, in some periods of the year it has a flowering composed of small white flowers, with a pleasant decorative effect. Properly pruned to avoid uncontrolled and disordered growth, the laurel hedge can last for many years reaching three meters in height. Pruning must be done twice a year, in early summer and in October, but it must never be too aggressive: it is mainly used to keep the shape and eliminate any dry branches.

Tall Evergreen Hedges: Tall evergreen yew hedge

The yew, in its variety called Taxus Baccata, is an ornamental plant suitable for forming tall evergreen hedges because it can reach up to 15 meters in height, with characteristic small fleshy red berries, called arils, which cover the seed. It is also a very resistant plant, both to cold and to diseases. To create a dense hedgethe plants must be positioned at about 120 cm of distance while as adults they perform very well, but they must be pruned to contain their growth and maintain the desired shape. The yew is a plant widely used to delimit gardens by creating dense green walls that shelter from prying eyes, however it has two drawbacks: it has a very slow growth and is poisonous in all its parts. It is therefore not indicated if there are pets.

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