Terrace plants

Flowering Terrace Plants (first part)

Often the choice of the plant to buy is in relation to its flower, its color, the period in which the plant produces it and its duration; this is because the flowers are colorful, making the environment more cheerful and particular thanks to their flowering and the great variety of colors. If what you are looking for on your terrace is a flowering plant, here is a list of the most common and particular ones. Let’s start with Geranium, certainly one of the best known and most common plants, easy to grow (given the scarcity of care it requires) and with very colorful blooms. Azalea, also very well known, offers splendid blooms (in the winter period) but requires shaded places and rather regular watering. We have the Gardenia similar for needs and care, with very fragrant white blooms that occur in the spring-summer period. If you are looking for something smaller, you can consider Celosia, with particular purple blooms, Potunia, Surfinia or Fuchsia, plants that love sunlight and regular watering and that usually bloom in the spring-summer period.

Flowering Terrace Plants (second part)

We continue our list of flowering terrace plants by immediately mentioning the Hydrangeas, plants of oriental origin that need shaded places and regular watering, very ornamental thanks to the particular colored blooms (they bloom mainly in summer). We continue the list with Hellebore, known as white Christmas rose as it produces very ornamental white flowers during the Christmas period, requires little care in the winter period and adapts very well to any environment; in summer it is advisable to move it to a shady place and water it more regularly. A plant with similar characteristics is the Ilex, or Holly, which produces small red berries during the Christmas period. We conclude with Solanum and Capsicum, «ornamental aromatic» plants; the first,

Evergreen Terrace Plants

If, on the other hand, you are looking for evergreen terrace plants, which are certainly very ornamental and particular, read on. Certainly very well known are Pothos and Ficus, evergreen plants that do not require particular care, if not fairly regular watering. If you are looking for something hanging, go for Ivy, very easy to grow and with a fairly rapid growth. The Fern, in addition to being a plant that purifies the air, is very ornamental and elegant and above all requires regular watering. For those who want something more «functional» we have Bamboo, which needs constant humidity and can also act as a booth. More ornamental and particular is the Gold Crest, of the Cypress family, which needs regular watering and adapts well to any place;

Terrace Plants: Terrace Plants, Aromatic and Bonsai

Many combine the useful and the pleasant by optimizing the space on their terrace and cultivating aromatic plants that are very useful in a culinary environment when needed. A list of aromatic plants that can be easily grown on the terrace: Chives, Parsley, Rosemary, Basil, Mint, Tarragon, Oregano and finally Turmeric, certainly the most fascinating among those listed thanks to the very particular purple flower. Finally, we conclude with a list of terrace Bonsai, for all those who want something exceptionally special but also have some time to devote to their care. The most common Bonsai that best adapt to life on the terrace are: Maple, Azalea, Buxus (or Bosso), Carmona, Cycas, Ficus, Gardenia, Juniper, Elm, Willow and Olive.

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